The Chanel revolutions

Gabrielle Chanel, born in Saumur in 1883, was not known to anyone when she launched her hat collection. However, the biggest celebrities rush to 31, rue de Cambon and snap up its creations. She took them to Deauville where she opened her first ready-to-wear boutique, and marked a first turning point in the world of couture: she boldly used jersey, a material reserved for men's underwear. In 1915 it extended to Biarritz. Then she returned to the capital in 1918 and in 1921, launched a revolutionary perfume, N°5. To push the envelope, she poses in person on the advertising posters. As soon as she touched jewelry in 1932, she created an unparalleled event and shook the traditional jewelry world with her “Jewelry of Diamonds” collection. In 1993, Chanel Jewelry is no wiser, and it is with the same insolence that she moved in 1997 to 18, place Vendôme.

The Chanel signature

The haute couture spirit creates original models, perfumery invents fragrances that nature would not have dared to imagine, and jewelry revisits its classics. In particular with the Chanel brooch, this jewel considered a little outdated by ordinary mortals, and which at Chanel, occupies a place of choice. The one who created a free piece of jewelry, plays with the flexibility of the brooch which can hang wherever she wants, or even detach from a necklace to fit into the fold of an item of clothing. What could be freer than this very feminine jewel which plays on classic or fantasy, wanders between yesterday and today, and never ceases to surprise you?

A Chanel brooch, for what occasion?

The ancestor of the brooch, the fibula, had the function of bringing together the folds of a garment. Leaving aside its utilitarian aspect, the Chanel brooch is this parade jewel, which we apprehend from the front, which occupies the back of a toilet. Pinned to the fabric, it lends itself to all combinations and can be worn in a thousand ways, allowing every woman to express her femininity. This decorative piece which accessorizes outfits and is placed according to your desires and for your sole pleasure embodies the ornamental jewel par excellence, the luminous touch which marks feminine chic.

What style of Chanel brooch to choose?

Whether it adorns itself with brilliant subjects, or brings its luminous touch or its little colorful note; whether it introduces iconic motifs or cultivates singularity, the Chanel brooch is always precious and refined. Some exceptionally well-made creations give an idea of ​​the feminine chic of the Chanel brooch.

Airy as a feather, it comes from another time and remains unchanged since its creation in 1932 for the “Jewellery of Diamonds” exhibition: the Signature 1932 brooch is not only light, it is flexible and dances in a playful way or plays the great lady with her white gold and diamonds.

The lion leaves his savannah and clings to the resolutely chic city dwellers, trading his superb golden coat for white diamonds. He attaches himself to you so as not to leave you again. Welcome this royal guest and wear the Signature Lion brooch with majesty…

The Signature Camélia brooch in gold and diamonds rivals in beauty the flower with its five regular and perfectly proportioned petals which unfold with softness and harmony. Never has feminine nature been so much in symbiosis with nature itself. When it is not the Camélia necklace itself which releases its flower to let it rest wherever it wishes and transform into a splendid brooch. In this jewelry walk, the free spirit of Gabrielle Chanel is released...

It is the Sun which chooses to leave the firmament to descend as close as possible to the one who scrutinizes it. Here she is, in turn, the object of all eyes. Not content with shining for you, he chooses to make you sparkle.

A couture jewel par excellence, the Chanel brooch marks the final touch, the highlight of an elegant outfit by pinning it coquettishly onto the garment. She is no less sensual and extremely feminine since she dares to be gratuitous, useless, superfluous, but with brilliance, pomp and panache. She invites herself, poses boldly and ends up seeming indispensable. And it is for a chic and modern woman!