The Dior house

An industrial father, an artist son, a prosperous haute couture house

Christian Dior was born in 1905 into a family of industrialists. Nothing suggests his artistic career. He frequented Parisian intellectual circles and, at only twenty years old, opened an art gallery. The crisis of 1929 ruined his family, and the young man continued on his own path. Gifted for fashion design, he sold sketches to couturiers, and became a fashion illustrator for Le Figaro. In 1946 he founded the House of Dior. His first collection marks a decisive turning point in the world of fashion, and his notoriety is international. In 1955, he opened a store at 30, avenue de Montaigne. He died suddenly of a heart attack two years later. Pierre Balmain, then other designers, followed him, each time opening a new chapter, resolutely cultivating the style of the House. It was only more than fifty years after its founding that the House of Dior created jewelry, under the aegis of Victoire de Castellane. It then became the youngest French jewelry house; but also one of the most prestigious. Dior Joaillerie moves to Place Vendôme, which finally establishes it.

The Dior signature

The haute couture spirit creates timeless models. The new jewelry spirit gives life to daring creations. The Dior brooch symbolizes this double face which makes the Couture House unique, since it occupies this particular place between tradition and modernism. Dior jewelry deploys all the facets of its design in a piece of jewelry which, by turns classic or fanciful, stands out for its character.

A Dior brooch, for what occasion?

Its ancestor, the fibula, was used to gather the folds of clothing. Very quickly leaving aside its functional aspect, the Dior brooch embodies the ornamental jewel par excellence. Resolutely decorative, it occupies a privileged place within the haute couture house. Adorning the dresses of the biggest stars, it illuminates the natural beauty of all women. This parade jewel, which we approach from the front, always occupies the back of a toilet. Pinned to the fabric, it lends itself to all combinations and can be worn in a thousand ways, allowing every woman to express her femininity. What better piece of jewelry than the Dior brooch to elegantly brighten up an outfit, or to underline with panache the grandeur of the couture spirit?

What style of Dior brooch to choose?

She adorns herself with brilliant subjects, or brings a discreet touch; she wisely responds to a theme or dares to be extravagance; it introduces recurring motifs or cultivates singularity: the Dior brooch, a jewelry piece of unparalleled refinement, is always precious. Whatever its color or model, this feminine jewel rivals in beauty and delicacy, in a sentimental or playful way, with a classic touch or surprising accents. Recently introduced, the Dior brooch is here forever.

The Dior brooch is the couture jewel par excellence, the final touch, the highlight of an elegant outfit, since it is pinned onto your outfit. The woman does not wear it next to the skin, however, the Dior brooch remains very sensual: it enhances the complexion of the face with its particular radiance, highlights the shoulder, highlights the birth of the chest. Making its appearance brilliantly, it boldly lands on the toilet you are wearing, quivering with every movement of your body, without ever eclipsing your beauty, but always to enhance you.