Castafiore offre un service exclusif de conseil et d'expertise pour vos bijoux.

Chaque bijou vendu sur est expertisé et authentifié par nos équipes afin de vous garantir le meilleur prix.

Castafiore travaille en collaboration avec Sancy expertise pour l’authentification et l’expertise de nos bijoux.

Sancy Expertise Paris

Co-founded in 2021 by Drew Battaglia, Florian Doux and Maxime Charron, three experts active in the art market for around ten years, the Sancy Expertise Paris firm brings together three disciplines: jewelry, goldsmithing and objects of virtue.

Drew Battaglia, holder of the state diploma in gemmology and the GIA diploma, trained in expertise alongside her studies then was hired by a firm in the Drouot district specializing in jewelry, watches and jewelry. goldsmith for auctions, she is the jewelry and fine jewelry specialist.

Why sell your jewelry?

livraison bijoux vintage

By selling your jewelry, you are participating in responsible consumption. You can then treat yourself to new wonders from the past.

A virtuous circle.


Thanks to our expertise in jewelry, we recommend the best price to sell your jewelry quickly.

It’s then up to you to decide.


We carefully guard your jewelry, insured and secured by us until its sale.

We guarantee the transaction and payment.