With a wide range of vintage pieces and a different take on jewelry, Castafiore desacralizes jewellery while valuing styles and different ways of wearing it.

A fashion and beauty accessory, jewelry has the power to illuminate the wearer and enhance an outfit.

Adorn a jacket with an art deco brooch, a blouse with a long necklace, mix a bracelet from the 80's with contemporary rings... These combinations will give you a unique and authentic look.

More than any other accessory, jewelry is the marker of a style or personality.

A must wear in the closets of our ancestors, the jewel has all the qualities to become indispensable again. It lifts us up and gives us a special confidence. With Castafiore, very much in the spirit of the women of the 60s, jewelry is worn, mixed and matched, accumulated and accepted and worn proudly. 

Beyond style, Castafiore creates a positive dynamic where we are all actors, buyers and sellers, of responsible consumption while advocating respect for the beautiful object.

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