It runs, it runs, the Boucheron Necklace...

The Boucheron necklace wraps itself lovingly around your neck to embrace its curves, caressing or claiming its presence; it makes discreet appearances behind the garment you are wearing or shows itself against your skin: the Boucheron necklace never stops undulating to sublimate you.

One House, One Founder

This is where it all began, at 26 Place Vendôme. Frédéric Boucheron was the first jeweler to set up shop on this mythical square. After winning several awards, he continued to distinguish himself and excel in the cutting of precious stones. Four generations followed, making the House of Boucheron the icon of Parisian jewelry. Today, it is a female duo, Hélène Poulit-Duquesne and Claire Choisne, who use their talents to create jewelry pieces of exceptional quality. Imposing the classic, timeless style of the House of Boucheron, they revisit it at will.

What is the Boucheron style?

Boucheron's style never tires of reinventing itself by combining mastery of ancestral knowledge with originality. It consults the archives of jewelry, relies on excellent craftsmanship, while opening the door to something new. Leaving his landmarks that he knows better than anything, he brushes against the unknown, playing with the audacity of his creations. Thus, the signature of the House of Boucheron always appears behind a creation that is more and more original, and that never ceases to question traditional French jewelry.

A Boucheron necklace, for what occasion?

Created to accompany you in your daily life or in the great moments of your life, the Boucheron necklace is suitable for all occasions. It is the jewel of sentiment par excellence. It is the essential jewel that celebrates love, the indispensable one that symbolizes union. It is also the thread to wear every day to express the love we have for ourselves, in all simplicity. Its delicacy and refinement are there only to offer you all the attention you deserve.

Which Boucheron necklace to choose ?

Among the iconic pieces of the House, the Question Mark has become mythical. Created by the founder of the brand, it is undoubtedly the most feminine of necklaces and the freest of creations. Thanks to a technological innovation, it has no clasp and can be worn around the neck by the woman herself, according to her desires. It then becomes the emblem of female emancipation. The asymmetrical aesthetics and the profusion of curves that evoke nature's freedom to get out of preconceived paths are part of this idea. This essential has been given pride of place and reinterpreted in the new collection.

The Boucheron collection is also enriched with sparkling pendants that infinitely reinvent its signature.

Quatre, with its graphic and contemporary line, is emancipated and dares to wear diamonds.

Jack de BoucheronIt unfolds with suppleness, fluidity and sensuality around your neck, mischievously concealing its clasp.

Bohemian Snake shines on your neck set with a thousand lights.

The bestiary clings to you in Collected Animals, making this nature frozen in matter more alive than ever.

A Fascinating natureThis feminine floral design runs freely around your neck.

Sewing unfolds its gold like a light cloth.

Architecture captures the movement and prints it in pure lines and geometric forms.

The Timeless highlight the precious stones by being discreet.

Materials, shapes and colors also interact with delicacy in the Haute Joaillerie Collection Carte blanche.

Holographicand the light unfolds differently...

Contemplation is an ode to beauty, magical, grandiose and so close at the same time.

Paris seen from 26It hangs its buildings on the curves of your neck.

Nature Triumphant
 invites itself in real flowers and leaves that a new process has made eternal with the nine Eternal Flowers.

Winter has never warmed our hearts so much with its stones, pearls and diamonds with Imperial Winter.

The High jewelry collection The history of style changes its look: the icons of the House disrupt the tradition and dare the new.

The New Maharajah comes back from the past in a new breath.

Clean lines, simple shapes hang around your neck with Art Deco.

The special order: for a unique experience, dare to be creative.

The Boucheron House has made a name for itself on the largest square in Paris by creating unique pieces of jewelry, offering the best of the artistic tradition, always surprising by its original design. Each necklace is dedicated to you, it is an invitation to be.