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The Cartier House

In the heart of Paris stands a jewelry store founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847. Less than ten years later, the store supplied Parisian high society, notably thanks to the purchase of a piece by one of the members of the family of Napoleon III. The European elite then became interested in his work. Under the leadership of Louis, grandson of the founder, the House moved to a more affluent area, Rue de la Paix. It is he who forges its identity, while his two brothers contribute to its international expansion. His neoclassical-inspired style plays with abstraction, geometric shapes and bright colors. He also introduced the use of platinum.

In 1904, he became official supplier to the English court; then from Spain, Siam, Russia and others. The wrist watch appeared that same year, in response to a request from one of his aviator friends. It becomes an iconic piece. In 1933, Jeanne Toussaint, “the Panther”, left her mark the Cartier House, and this for almost fifty years, and made it the reference in the world of luxury.

The signature of Cartier necklaces

Each creation calls upon expertise and know-how: everything is executed with a high standard that marks the style of the House. Driven by its vision of beauty, Cartier draws out essential lines, in a refined design. Of the Cartier necklacesof unparalleled power are born.

A Cartier necklace, for what occasion?

Reconciling luxury and sobriety, theCartier necklace is worn superbly, on a daily basis, wraps around the woman's neck. Wherever she goes, at any time, she is magnificent.

Let the icons introduce you to the magical world of Cartier.

Discover Cartier Haute Joaillerie necklaces.

A new look at beauty, to discover that it is infinite. Let yourself be amazed by the multiple faces it takes on throughout the collectionBeauties of the world. THECartier Iwana necklaces, Ritual, Nouchali, Récif, Aporia, Apatura do not compete in beauty. It is everywhere in these exceptional pieces with jewels of unparalleled splendor.

Cartier's bestiary plays on surprise. In a playful setting, tigers, zebras, giraffes and crocodiles parade, under the gaze of the panther, the House's emblem. They areIndomitable, yet Cartier knew how to attach them around your neck. They even stare at each other in two-headed jewelry made famous by the expertise of Jeanne Toussaint.

Pixelage, Alaxoa, Meride, Sharkara, Sixth Sense, Coruscant participate in the awakening of yourSixth Senseand cause surprise. They caress your neck, but it is your heart that they touch. Let yourself be carried away by this sensory vertigo…

The Cartier necklaces from the Jewelry Collection are also emblematic…

Functional or ornamental? It's up to you to choose, but withLove.

With its sober air, its clean lines, without frills, you would swear that it isOnly a nail. This means counting without the Cartier alchemy that operates…

Three rings hang around your neck withTrinityand you enter the Cartier legend which, from a simple form, creates beauty.

It’s his spirit that breathes down your neck, his strong personality that embraces you. Yet, you have never felt so much yourself withPanther.

THEClashis narrowly avoided thanks to the know-how of Cartier, which knows how to combine opposites and achieve supreme harmony.

The height of sophistication is being able to give grandeur and nobility to an element that could not be more common. It’s a successful bet withNut.

The Amuletlucky charm has already made your dearest wish come true when you wear it. Only your heart can open its well-locked padlock.

HeClipyour heart like yesterday the corsets of these ladies. Don't try to escape him.

Is there any need to say more thanVS, the initial of the House?

They seem to come straight from nature with the energy and audacity they exude. ButFauna and Florahave far too much style not to be a creation… Cartier.

Untouchable and splendid at the same time, inaccessible and assertive,Cactusembodies beauty.

Sweet likeOrchid caresseson your neck, and as beautiful as these delicate flowers, let yourself be touched by this feminine jewel.

Multiple colors for a unique shape, an assertive volume, dare to create new combinations ofBerlingots.

Wear a Cartier necklaceis an opportunity to live an exceptional experience. An intimate conversation between the woman and the jewel becomes possible, one giving life to a creation by wearing it, the other by enhancing it.