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Chopard jewelry: an old watchmaker on time

Anchored in its time, the House of Chopard has not escaped the vagaries of the contemporary era. Threatened with extinction during the Second World War, it is more present than ever and today is one of the most fashionable jewelry houses. Punctuality obliges, the former watchmaking House is in the air of time. Ahead of its time even. What makes Chopard always set the pace?

Time passes, life changes, but Chopard remains

Louis-Ulysse Chopard was only twenty-four years old when he founded a watch factory in Sonvilier, Switzerland. This company, very involved in its reality, provides work to local farmers. Reliable, ultra-thin, high-precision pocket watches for everyday use were created. The "Tir Fédéral", the Swiss Railway Company and Czar Nicholas II are its customers. The international success pushed the company to move in 1937 to Geneva, a business hub. But the family business declined after the war. The company, which had been passed down from generation to generation, passed into the Scheufele family in the 1960s. Karl Scheufele III gave the company the prestige and grandeur it is known for. Twenty years later, Caroline Scheufele continued to build on her glory with the creation of the Chopardjewellery, a glory that has thrown this former watchmaking house into immortality.

The Chopard signature

Colors, stones, gold and platinum shine for the woman, exult for you. Everything sparkles in the Chopard jewelEverything sparkles in Chopard jewelry, but in perfect harmony, with elegance and in a quest for perfection. The signature Chopard signature combines pure lines and noble materials in a symphony of light and materials. This impeccable craftsmanship nevertheless dares to be bold, a sign of the brand's originality. Colors, stones, gold and platinum shine through the woman, exulting thanks to you.

Chopard know-how

Meticulousness, precision, high standards and the quest for excellence characterize the former watchmaking house. These key words are also found in the jewelry Chopard. These qualities have been perfected over the years, exploring splendid materials and developing unprecedented creations. The result is jewelry , a product of traditional know-how and impeccable craftsmanship for optimal comfort, both to the touch and to the wearer. But the Chopard is never late. Tradition meets innovation, classic techniques merge with cutting-edge techniques and push back the limits of its art. Chopard draws its strength from what it is, and gives free rein to creativity.

A Chopard jewel, for what occasion?

Born from an inspiration, the Chopard jewel jewel pours out onto you in an exhalation that gives life to the material. Its breath accompanies you every day, or shines with splendor for you in the great moments of your life. It serves you in all aspects of your life, embracing each of your facets, because it was created only for you and to make you unique. Lending itself to all occasions, it has only one true function: to sublimate you. Dedicated to women, the Chopard jewelry precedes her, accompanies her, punctuates her time. Above all, it stops time for her. The watchmaking tradition is not far away, but to leave a timeless mark.

The former watchmaker, who knows nothing of the hectic life of the modern woman, stops time for her with its timeless and iconic jewelry pieces. In the tumult of contemporary life, with an instinctive gesture, a woman adorns herself with a jewel. This moment of pleasure when she delicately places gold or platinum threads, sparkling stones and vibrant diamonds on her skin is a step into eternity.