Dior, the jewel that dresses you...

What is it about one of the latest additions to the world of jewelry that makes it possible for her to master the codes and know-how of excellence of this demanding world? How does Diorfounded by Victoire de Castellane only in 1998, seem to have been around forever? Being all about Dior would not be enough, it would still be necessary to be adorned with its most beautiful finery? The story of a young jewelry house that looks like a princess at the end of the ball and captures the heart of the Prince under the stunned eyes of the bridesmaids...

His passion for art makes Dior immortal

The man whose family background did not predispose him to an artistic career, claimed loud and clear his taste for art and drawing: Christian Dior opened his first art gallery in 1925. By selling sketches to fashion designers, he asserted his talent as a fashion illustrator. Le Figaro was his first client. He founded the Maison Dior in 1955, at 30, avenue de Montaigne. Internationally renowned, he was awarded the Legion of Honor. He died suddenly, struck by a heart attack in 1957. But the Dior style is eternal. And he wrote new chapters. The jewelry department is the best example. The young house naturally moved to the mythical Place Vendôme.

Totally Dior

The House Dior has the insolence of youth. It shakes up the landmarks of a traditionalist world, scrambles its ideas, shakes up its certainties and reinvents codes. With insouciance, she banters and each jewel brings a new breath. This gifted artist who started very late wins all the votes, letting herself be carried away by her talent as a young genius. By following her infallible instinct, as Christian did at the time, she is simply following the woman who has always guided her in the world of Haute Couture; but she deploys her inventiveness not in precious fabrics, but in golds and gems that shimmer on you. The Dior jewel jewellery reveals the emotion contained in mineral and metal. Wear this new French chic with as much lightness and elegance as a dress.

Dior know-how: a young woman who knows everything like a grown-up

Although it is relatively new to the jewelry business, the House of Dior is just as expert as an old house. Each piece is a testament to total mastery, with techniques applied to perfection on exceptional materials. The Dior Jewelry department is the image of the brand: the high standards and know-how of the fashion house are transposed into the field of jewelry. Dress yourself in these new clothes.

A Dior jewel, for what occasion?

Soft, light and free, or masterful and grandiose, the Dior jewelry jewelry lends itself to all your desires, as does the House's haute couture line from which it originates. The companion of those who dare to wear jewelry on a daily basis, the Dior Jewelry jewel accompanies you in all simplicity during the day; set with precious stones and resplendent golds, the Dior Haute Joaillerie jewelry jewellery takes you into a world of wonder. The Dior jeweljewel, now that it is here, never leaves you.

Christian listened to his heart when he created Dior. Victoire de Castellane listened to yours by launching the prestigious House into a new adventure, that of jewelry. The Dior jewelry is for you, because you only want to entrust your elegance to a House that knows women so well that it has always been responsible for sublimating them: in silks, wools, taffetas, and now in stones and fine golds.