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From the heart of Paris to the international scene…

Rue Montorgueil, 1847: a jewelry store founded by a certain Louis-François Cartier was born. Less than a decade later, since the purchase of a piece by one of the members of Napoleon III's family, it supplied Parisian high society, then the European elite. Louis, the grandson of the founder, set up the House in a wealthy area of ​​the capital, rue de la Paix. He helped to forge its identity, while his two brothers gave it its international expansion.

The Cartier style, of neoclassical inspiration, plays on abstraction, geometric shapes and bright colors. The House innovates by introducing platinum. In 1904, it became the official supplier to the English court; those of Spain, Siam, Russia and many others will follow. Following a request from one of his aviator friends, that same year Cartier invented the watch that could be worn on the wrist. A success that has never been denied since. In 1933, Jeanne Toussaint, “the Panther”, entered the House. She remained there for around fifty years, signing the Cartier style, which still continues today.

The signature of Cartier bracelets

Each piece embodies the excellent know-how of the House, thanks to techniques mastered to perfection, applied to exceptional materials. Each piece of jewelry is original and echoes the inventiveness of its creators. Opulent or confidential, sober or grandiose, but always elegant, the Cartier bracelet sets the tone and explores all the potential of creativity. An exceptional piece hugs your wrist.

A Cartier bracelet, for what occasion?

A flexible, light and free link that gracefully highlights your beauty, or a masterful piece that adorns you sumptuously, the Cartier bracelet embraces the multiple facets of women, according to his desires, in all aspects of his life. It glides voluptuously on the wrist of those who dare to wear jewelry every day.

Iconic, Cartier bracelets symbolize the unique style of the House. Discover these signature High Jewelry pieces.

A new look at beauty, multiple, infinite, present everywhere. Beauties of the world offers you all the faces. Let yourself be amazed…

Forgetting their nature as creatures Indomitable, they land on your arm. Tigers, zebras, giraffes, crocodiles walk on your wrist, under the approving gaze of the queen of the House, the panther. Their gazes sometimes meet in two-headed jewelry famous since Jeanne Toussaint. Follow this sensory dance

Fascinating, rebellious, excessive, Clash (un)limited plays with volume and geometry. Its intense colors accentuate the relief of the picots, oversized and magnetized, multi picots, in amethyst, reversible, inverted, spherical, and give in excess.

The Cartier Jewelry Collection of bracelets slides deliciously on your wrist with pieces that have become iconic.

Under his serious exterior, Love is resolutely aesthetic. Cartier obliges.

Only a nail, but not just any one. It keeps the sober appearance and clean line of the metal object, but carries the Cartier beauty.

Of its three concentric circles, Trinity brings beauty, harmony and perfection to your arm.

Panther, with an assertive step, places his sculptural and majestic body on your wrist. We think we hear him breathing. Hold your breath… in front of so much beauty.

Clash is a master in the art of reconciling opposites. He does it as a virtuoso and... with great elegance.

A simple Nut becomes a piece of art when it passes through Cartier expertise. Put a nut on your wrist, you've never looked so elegant.

L'Amulet is committed to you to grant your wishes and make your dearest wishes come true. Don't act detached, you're related.

Never Clip didn't want to be seen so much. Get off the corset of these ladies, to better serve... the woman.

VS, and nothing else. That’s enough when it comes to the initial of a prestigious House.

Natural, Fauna and Flora? They have the energy, vitality and beauty. With this little extra from Cartier know-how capable of immortalizing nature just to enhance the woman.

A Cactus that we allow ourselves to touch, and who becomes an accomplice in each of our movements. Extravagance has never seemed more natural.

Of the Orchid caresses brush against you and you feel all the delicacy of a noble and splendid flower.

From precious stones to splendid gold, the Cartier bracelet is born from a singular vision, alive, moving, and always sublime. Virtuoso know-how, anchored in a historical heritage, mixed with creativity which takes the path of constant evolution, results in creations with a timeless signature. It’s all that moves, vibrates and lives on your wrist…