From the heart of Paris to the international scene...

On Rue Montorgueil, a jewelry store was opened. Its founder is called Louis-François Cartier and it is 1847. It didn't even take ten years for the store to become a great success: one of Napoleon III's family members bought a piece and Parisian high society came, and soon the European elite. Two generations later, Louis, the founder's grandson, came up with the idea of moving the family business to a street-side location. The jewelry store now resides on rue de la Paix. Its neoclassical style, which plays with abstraction, geometric shapes and bright colors, became more and more popular thanks to Louis. While the two other grandsons contribute to give him his international reputation. Always on the lookout for novelties, she introduced platinum. In 1904, she became the official supplier to the English court, then to Spain, Siam, Russia and others. That same year, it introduced the revolutionary concept of the wristwatch, initially in response to a friend who was an aviator and needed to read the time during his navigations. From then on, jewelry also excelled in the field of watchmaking. In 1933, Cartier met Jeanne Toussaint, nicknamed "the Panther", who joined the company and remained with it for some 50 years. She gave Cartier its true signature, one that endures to this day. 

The Cartier Signature

Bold and futuristic, the Cartier artistic line opens up to each new era and, before its time, introduces geometric shapes, plays with perspectives, mixes colors and materials, gives in to exoticism, or asserts its resolutely urban style... Echoing modernity, the House of Cartier is always looking for novelties. However, it never forgets the good Parisian taste that characterizes it and jealously perpetuates its style, recognizable among all, because it is at the service of the woman that it never ceases to sublimate. 

Cartier earrings, for what occasion?

Cartier loves women, the Cartier Spirit understands them, and the House of Cartier responds to their multiple, complex and varied needs. The Cartier earringsearrings, with their exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled style, bring you that touch of elegance without ever forgetting your well-being. This so feminine jewel enhances your dress, gives you allure. A single gesture is enough to make your face sparkle and beautify you every day.


Which Cartier earrings to choose?

The Cartier collection is enriched by couture creations that endlessly reinvent its signature. No matter which model you choose, it is always a prestigious piece of jewelry that you wear on your ears.

Haute Joaillerie Collection

Put down the beauties of the world on your face and look: you sparkle.

All your senses are solicited, but it is the Sixth sense that provokes surprise and creates wonder. Let yourself be fascinated.

Clash (un)limited raises the stakes by bringing intense color and heightened volume to your face. Let its peaks play with paradox and imprint an air of serenity on you.

(also in jewelry) 

Jewelry Collections

Love on your face, and what seems rudimentary is simply extraordinary.

Just a nailIt's a great way to show off your style. Reinvent the codes with Cartier, and pass just a stud through your earlobe.

Trinitythe iconic model, unfurls its gold rings to find the perfect balance. Let them roll their gold on you.

Sculptural and majestic, feline and sensual, Panther wins your territory. Let the imprint of the animal beauty make you gain in nobility...

The Cartier magic works and a Nut becomes a precious, sophisticated and... feminine jewel. Play with paradoxes with one of the most prestigious jewelers as your partner.

A Clip which has nothing utilitarian anymore since it only serves to sublimate your beauty.

Like a Caresses of orchidsbut the stems are of gold and the petals of stones...

C is attached to you to perpetuate your link with the House of Cartier.

Nothing is ever too sweet for your femininity, and yet Cactus dares to land on your face: its round volumes are harmless.

Abstract and stylized, Fauna and Flora are not less close and complicit, almost real.

A bright and colorful palette of earrings of Cartier earrings earrings are available for your enchantment. Worn alone or lovingly paired with other matching pieces to sign your elegance, these pieces embody femininity and modernity at the same time. Receive them like a kiss.