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From the center of Paris to the international stage...

We are witnessing the opening of a jewelry store on Montgomery Street. Its founder is called Luis Fran ç ois Cartier It is now 1847. This boutique achieved great success in less than a decade: a member of the Napoleon III family purchased a piece, marking the arrival of Parisian upper class society and quickly becoming a European elite.

Two generations later, the founder's grandson Louis proposed the idea of building a family home in a community with gables. The jewelry store is now located on Heping Street. His neoclassical style, which utilized abstraction, geometric shapes, and bright colors, was increasingly favored by Louis. And the other two grandchildren helped him gain international reputation. In order to find anything new, she launched platinum.

In 1904, it became an official supplier to the British courts. Then there are Spain, Siam, Russia, and other countries. In the same year, she introduced the revolutionary concept of a watch, initially in response to the inconvenience of a friend of a pilot reading time during a flight.

Therefore, jewelry also performs well in the watchmaking field. In 1933, she met Jeanne Toussaint, nicknamed "Leopard", and walked into the house where she lived for about 50 years. She gave Cartier a real signature, which continues to this day.

Signature of Cartier Earrings

Bold and Future, Cartier Art Line Open up to every new era, before this moment, introducing geometric shapes, exerting perspective effects, mixing colors and materials, succumbing to exoticism, or affirming its steadfast urban style... echoing modernity, Cartier House has been searching for new things. However, she will never forget the good taste of Paris, which is unique to her. She jealously continues the style that she can recognize among everyone, because he serves his continuously elevated woman.

Cartier earrings, for what occasion?

Cartier loves women, Cartier's spirit understands her, and Maison Cartier meets her diverse needs. they Cartier earringsExcellent craftsmanship and unparalleled style bring you an elegant touch that will never forget your happiness. This feminine gem enhances your bathroom and gives you a look. A gesture is enough to make your face shine and make you beautiful every day.

Which Cartier earrings to choose?

Cartier Earring Series It enriches sewing creation and infinitely reshapes its signature. No matter which model you choose, it is always a famous piece of jewelry you wear on your ears.

Cartier Premium Jewelry Collection

Put them down The Beauty of the World On your face, you shine brightly.

All your senses are required, but this is Sixth Sense This can cause surprise and create miracles. Make yourself obsessed.

Clash (United Nations) Limited Create controversy by bringing strong colors and enhanced volume to your face. Let its spikes play paradox, leaving you with a peaceful atmosphere.

(Also used in jewelry)

Joaillerie de Cartier Collection

love On your face, something that looks simple is simply amazing.

Just a nailHowever, it has advantages to showcase to you. To reinvent the code with Cartier, simply pass a nail through the earlobe.

TrinityThe iconic model unfolds its gold ring to find the perfect balance. Let them roll the gold onto you.

Sculpture and grandeur, cats and senses, Panth è re Win your territory. Let the marks of animal beauty make you noble

Cartier Magic is running, and Ecrou Simple and simple become precious jewelry, exquisite and feminine. As a gaming partner, play paradox with one of the most renowned jewelers.

one Staples It is no longer useful because it only sublimates your beauty.

Like a Orchid caressBut the stem is golden, and the petals are precious stones...

C I hope you can stay in touch with Maison Cartier.

Nothing is too sweet for your femininity, however cactus Dare to sit on your face: its circular volume is harmless.

Abstract and Stylized, Fauna and Flora They are equally intimate and conspiring, almost true.

Bright and colorful color palette Cartier earrings Fading for your charm. Wear it alone or pair it with other works to express your elegance, these works reflect both femininity and modernity. Accept them like a kiss.