La Maison Fred: the colours of Latin America in Paris

Fred Samuel trained as a jeweler in Paris, but it was in Argentina, where he was born in 1908, that his love of pearls and stones began. His family traded in them. While France was only familiar with fine pearls, Fred introduced cultured pearls. A pearl of a particular creamy pink even took his name. This lover of color would later become famous for colored diamonds. In 1936, he founded his own company. The Vichy regime forced him to put the yellow star on the front of his store and to remove the name "Samuel" from his sign. He then joined the resistance. It was not until the end of the war that he took possession of his store again. Internationally renowned, Fred is one of the world's top ten jewelers. The House, located at 14, rue de la Paix, offers the capital the light of distant horizons. 

Fred's signature

An innate sense of aesthetics combined with excellent craftsmanship has resulted in the artistic heritage of the Fred House. The mastery of traditional gestures gives birth to jewelry graphic and perfect curves and allows the stones to express all their complex beauty. Because light is changeable, the Fred earrings earrings reveal its brilliance in all its nuances. But the versatility of jewelry is also evident in the choice of customization for each piece. Here, jewelry rhymes with boldness as the jewel is created to let you express your own creativity. Reinvent Fred's jewelry at every turn.

The Fred earrings, for what occasion? 

The jewel adapts to your mood, changes according to your desires, changes color according to the weather, or simply fluctuates like the light of the day. All in finesse and casualness, the Fred earrings are lovingly attached to you and give you that natural, jewel-like look. With a simple gesture, you can enhance your complexion, warm up your outfit, and assert your style by sublimating your look.

Fred captures beauty and recreates it for you through a collection of Jewelry.

The harmony in the contrasts, it is the successful bet of the earrings Force 10 earrings. Dare to wear a solidly and meticulously braided marine cable with elegance, mix bright gold and cold steel with audacity, and enter the avant-garde vision of your jeweler.

Luck attaches itself to you and lights up your face with Infinite luck. Seize it by wearing these wonderful earrings like a talisman. Put the shine of their gold and the fluidity of this infinity sign on your skin and draw your own line of luck.

They dance, sway... shine, illuminate, just like the love they celebrate with their "heart in the heart". The earrings Pretty Woman throw their luminous glow for you, captivate, fascinate, seduce, exerting their power of attraction. They make all women pretty women.

Pain de Sucre plays with materials and colors, passing from one to the other, in total freedom. These earrings have only one idea in mind, to capture the light in all its shades to make you fascinating. Choose the right recipe.

A rigorous design, clean lines, a sober look: the earrings Success earrings do everything to let you be the star. They are all the more seductive, especially when they are beautifully displayed on your face and successfully illuminate it. A real success!

The distant horizons suddenly become accessible and you can stare into the dazzling light with the earrings An island of gold. It is you who radiates...

Imposing legs let guess the sculptural, supple, feline body of an animal, without ever revealing it. Because it is your feminine nature that the earrings Feline Shadow want to reveal.

Force 10, Infinite chance, Pretty woman and Feline Shadow also take you on a trip to the world of high jewelry. Follow the luminous sign...

Join the Belles Rives in the world of high jewelry. Place its sparkling stones and radiant colors on your face, and let yourself be carried away...

Timeless and atypical, classic and daring, Fred earrings are part of a resolutely free, absolutely modern vision of jewelry. Imbued with an artistic heritage resolutely turned towards the future, they dance on you and for you. They captivate, fascinate, attract, and communicate the energy they carry and that carries you. Each piece vibrates. Each pair provokes a dazzle. Let them charm you.