As authentic as aesthetic, the Hermès ring Naturally finds its place on the finger of modern women. It adapts to the most eclectic styles and harmonizes with the most varied personalities, for the greatest pleasure of the lovers of beautiful jewels. Thanks to Castafiore, investing in a Hermès ring becomes a reality: our catalog of Vintage bands, ancient, and second hand brings to the honor of the rare pearls signed Hermès with accessible price and high symbolic value.

The Hermès ring or the celebration of a unique French crafts since 1837

For the famous Hermès house, everything began in Paris in 1837, when Thierry Hermès opened his workshop in harness manufacturing. Considered to be true technical prowess, the Hermes harnesses presagent the success of the other creations of the French house, starting with its jewelry with timeless charm.

In particular, the Hermes ring symbolises sophisticated minimalism Parts signed Hermès. As early as 1925, the Parisian house diversified its offer with the creation of new professions. The harnesses followed suit, then jewelry, watches and shoes, not to mention the famous silk squares that will become the signature of the Hermès house.

In the area of saddlery and leather goods, as in the world of jewellery, Hermès values the use of noble and qualitative raw materials. Thus, the ring Hermès generally pays homage to the raw and authentic beauty of the money. In addition, some collections of Hermès bands highlight the link between the French house and the harness, thanks to designs directly inspired by the harness, saddle, mors and other nets manufactured by Hermes since its inception.

Therefore, Hermès ring Is not a jewel like any other. It is a reflection of the singular identity of a versatile, creative, ambitious and passionate home. At Castafiore, the rings Hermès act as a retrospective, as symbols of the evolution of the style of the creations of the Parisian house.

The Hermès ring in all its forms through our selection of old jewels, vintage and second hand

On our online shop, the Ring Hermes declined in sumptuous references In silver, but also in yellow gold or white gold. Some also partake of white diamonds with discreet charm. In all cases, the Hermès rings selected by Castafiore, so carefully authenticated by our jeweller experts, prove that Hermès creations are sure to transcend times.

Indeed, even the old rings of the house are still required as real fashion accessories in the years 2020. Indemodable, they offer us concrete testimony on the jewelry of the past decades. With an ancient Hermès ring or vintage on the finger, then give back its letters of nobility to a hidden or forgotten treasure with high aesthetic potential.

With Castafiore, finally make the second hand your first choice. Objects of memory, our second-hand Hermès rings are offered, guard, transmit, wear and transform to infinity, in a logic of sustainability and reuse of existing resources.