The history of the House of Bvlgari

Since the opening of its first boutique in Rome in 1884, the House of Bvlgari has continued to expand its prestige. Its founder, Sotirio Bulgari, a Greek silversmith renowned for his superb forged silver ornaments, was a great success from the start. It was his sons, who soon became his partners, who encouraged him to pursue his ambition to go into fine jewelry. Thus was born the prestigious Bvlgari jewelry, which has become the emblem of Italian excellence.


Over the decades, the Roman city has always inspired Bvlgari. Treasures and wonders, monuments and buildings have always nourished the style of the jewelry, forever shaping its identity. This privileged source of inspiration can be found, for example, in the Parentesi motif, which recalls the city's sidewalks. More broadly, the architectural rigor and innate extravagance, the magnitude of the volumes and the chromatic symphony of the Roman city can be found in jewelry with stones that are alternately faceted, polished, and always colorful, and in the combination of unusual materials. The city of Rome, unique in its kind, where beauty coexists with life, nourishes Bvlgari's love for its city.

The Bvlgari ring, for what occasion?

Created for all tastes, from sleek chic to highly sophisticated, the Bvlgari ring wraps around your finger and reveals who you are. The House brews a variety of styles to meet the needs of all women. Modular jewelry is characteristic of this desire to adapt to your lifestyle. Designed to be worn from morning to night, the Bvlgari ring is a versatile, multi-purpose yet very glamorous piece. The modern woman is finally wearing a feminine piece of jewelry that is suitable for any occasion.

The Bvlgari signature

The expert hands of Bvlgari artisans bring priceless treasures to light. Each stone is gracefully mounted to reflect the light. The small size, the exceptional and sometimes rare materials demand a high level of skill. This same requirement is found in the "second skin" creations, pleasant to the touch and to the eye, whose perfect and sophisticated craftsmanship exudes a power that pushes back the boundaries of luxury. Bvlgari, in its quest for eternal beauty, brings it to today's world through its traditional yet innovative design.

The collection

To mention just one exceptional piece of high jewelry, let's mention the Ruby Metamorphosis ring, an opulent 6.80-carat pigeon's blood ruby with a three-dimensional construction and incomparable volume that dares to be both abundant and magnificent.

But the other creations reach a dimension that has nothing to envy to this rare gem. Very quickly, they became the trademarks of the jeweler.

The icon of the house, B. Zero1, brings you its contemporary touch thanks to the Tubogas technique, a seamless flexible band made of spirals, characteristic of gas pipes. Flexibility, fluidity, but also sophistication define this best-seller of the House of Bvlgari, which evokes the Colosseum in Rome.

It snakes around your finger and hypnotizes you with its dazzling gold. Serpenti, another Bvlgari classic that never ceases to fascinate.

Fiorever is a four-petaled flower that gently lands on your finger and leaves its fresh, luminous imprint. You dazzle...

Luxury and glamour for a fan-shaped jewel set with precious stones. Each sparkle of the Divas' Dream ring is a tribute to those women who light up the world as if by enchantment.

In solo or duo versions for lovers who want to seal their love with this timeless ring, Bvlgari-Bvlgari is the emblem of the House, both for its nod to the past and for its uniqueness that makes it so modern.

Save the Children puts the iconic B.Zero1 into action by promoting education for children in need.

Monete the ancient, Monete the contemporary are one in an original creation that puts ancient coins on a very contemporary frame.

The jewelry wedding collection

Incontro d'Amore, Infinito, Dedicata a Venezia, Fedi, Marryme celebrate engagements, weddings, but above all love. Tenderness, passion, idyll or union... and the emotion is long-lasting, embodied in timeless creations. The perfection of the solitaire that resembles a beating heart reflects the uniqueness of eternal love.

Bulgari rings are the epitome of design. In gold, or set with splendid stones and ancient coins, they combine elegance and character. They tell the story of centuries of heritage and invite the future. Put Roman life on your finger.