The story of a goldsmith who becomes a jeweler…

Having become famous thanks to his superb wrought silver ornaments, Sotirio Bulgari, a Greek goldsmith, settled on Via Sistina. He soon opened stores on Via Condotti and developed his business in other tourist towns. His two sons and associates, Giorgio and Costantino Bulgari, suggested that he replace silver with gold, and introduce precious stones: the House of Bvlgari was born. Very quickly, it gained prestige and shaped a unique style, emblematic of Italian excellence.

The Bvlgari house and Rome

Bvlgari draws on its roots to give us its vision of beauty: Rome, with its grandiose buildings, its opulent volumes, its abundant life... so many wonders which materialize in jewelry as surprising as the city that inspires them. These are colored stones reminiscent of variegated mosaics, or polished stones like the superb marbles or the ancient domes of the city. Rome with its perfect architecture and exuberant personality is found in each creation, imprinting the timeless art of its daily life as much as its grandeur.

The signature of Bvlgari earrings

The first rigorous, geometric creations, perfectly crafted, remained very academic. They comply with the requirement to only introduce precious stones into high jewelry creations. But the Italian spirit does not see it that way and gives pride of place to colored stones, combines unusual materials, raises the color, as it would raise the tone. In short, he stops containing his expansive nature and lets it expand beyond the limits of everything he has ever known. Because, to disrupt the codes, you have to master them to perfection; to reinvent tradition, one must be aware of its heritage. Maison Bvlgari always pushes the limits, to better find itself.

Bvlgari earrings, for what occasion?

They accompany you every day, or sparkle for you in the great moments of your life; they simply frame your face, or illuminate it wonderfully. The ultimate feminine jewel, Bvlgari earrings brighten your complexion, reveal your personality, assert your style. The highlight of an elegant set, they set the tone for a chic toilet. Jewel of sentiment or token of love, gift received or made for oneself, they are by turns delicate or extravagant, but always luminous. The light that emanates from it attracts attention to give you all the attention you deserve.

The Bvlgari earrings collection

Available in simple gold or set with stones, each of the pieces in the Bvlgari collection comes in a myriad of styles to suit all tastes. the earrings can be worn alone with elegance, or combined wonderfully with the iconic pieces of the House.


She reinterprets the geometry of the Colosseum in Rome and revisits the codes of jewelry. Historical heritage and contemporary spirit hang in your ear thanks to this homemade monument.


This fluid, supple, serpentine model in a word, is adorned with dazzling gold. It leaves the imprint of its undulations on your face and never ceases to seduce, like the snake that inspired it.


Inspired by the charming four-petaled flower which also promised happiness to the Romans, the Fiorever collection captures the spirit of nature to embody it in a floral design.

Divas’ Dream

A fan shape cleverly punctuated by precious stones and gold: this glamorous and feminine jewel pays homage to the great divas and sets the pace.


Attaching itself to its Roman roots and turning towards modernity, the earring is inspired by the inscriptions that could be found on ancient currencies and leaves its lasting mark.

Save the Children

She marks the bare skin with her desire to get involved and save lives by providing education to the most deprived children.


The house introduces the old-fashioned charm of antique coins and gives them a cheeky touch of modernity. Superb contrasting material effect.

A must-have, they sit on your earlobe like a sparkling garment. Essential, they reveal your femininity and enhance your beauty. THE Bvlgari earrings fit into the spirit of the times and bring the light of a Roman morning to your face...