Together, let's be actors of a conscious consumption, let's make second hand our first choice.

Above all, Castafiore is a place to be inspired, to stroll, to discover, to learn and to dream about the world of jewellery.

Obviously, jewelry has the power to be eternal, it crosses time and generations, it is a vector of history and timelessness. Its creation requires rigour and know-how, and its making itself tells of the emotion of the jeweller, the prowess of the craftsman, and sometimes the folly of grandeur of a patron.

Immortal, the jewel has a spiritual dimension, it is a good luck charm.

Our aim is to make available a selection of the most beautiful forgotten treasures.

Let's value second hand

By using Castafiore in the purchase or resale of vintage jewelry we limit our consumption of raw material and thus overproduction.

Consuming less and better adds value to the products we own, making them even rarer and more valuable.

We are convinced that there is so much jewelry to be revived and rediscovered and so many existing resources to be reused.

Let's promote a circular economy

Easy to pass on, jewelry is perfectly suited to this new mode of consumption, which does not, however, exclude the possibility to pass on a unique piece.


Supporting our partners

We offer professional retailers and antique dealers a new image of second-hand jewelry, a modern showcase where each piece of jewelry is highlighted. Sharing the same love of beautiful objects, we value a long-term partnership based on trust.

We are very proud to have joined the Circular Fashion Federation.

A new vintage experience

Our selection of second-hand treasures

Let yourself be carried away by years of history