An exceptional piece par excellence, the river necklace necklace is a must-have at Castafiore. With its poetic name and singular design, it will charm all diamond lovers, from the coquettish grandmother to the dreamy young girl.

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The rivière necklace, a priceless jewel for both small and large occasions

"River necklace", "river of diamonds": these are terms that define a type of jewel that is both precise and extremely precious. It is in fact a necklace made up of one or more lines of gems. The necklace is usually quite short, highlighting the owner's neck and head carriage.

Artisan jewelers tend to favor a single type of gemstone when creating these highly aesthetic necklaces, which is why the rivière necklace is often a river of diamonds. It's a fact that diamonds rule the world of fine jewelry thanks to their intrinsic quality and beauty. It is therefore the star of the rivière necklace, while gold, silver and platinum are more discreet. Yet it's the combination of noble materials that enables the rivière necklace to stand the test of time.

So the gems of the rivière necklace are generally all the same color and cut in the same way, some jewelry houses also like to design less classic models. This is particularly true of pendant rivière necklaces, which are particularly suited to feminine décolletés.

Find the rivière necklace of your dreams in our catalog of antique, vintage and second-hand jewelry.

Since the 18th century rivière necklace has proved that diamonds a woman's best friend. As a jewel of timeless charm, it has a special place in our vast collection of treasures from the past.

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All you have to do is choose your diamond necklace to accessorize your gala outfits or enjoy the incomparable pleasure of wearing a river of diamonds around your neck. Reveal your love of beauty with a delicately sparkling river necklace.