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Whatever the model, the Cartier style is recognizable at first glance. However, its collections are constantly enriched with creations that reinvent its signature over and over again. What distinguishes a piece of Cartier from all the others? What makes it unique?

Cartier to conquer Paris, European capitals ... or your heart 

The brand Cartierbrand is the spirit of Paris, its elegance, its beauty; the House of Cartier is the heart of Paris that shines; the Cartierstyle, it is the universe of jewelry that comes to you. Founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, the House was a great success when a member of Napoleon III's family bought a piece of jewelry from the brand. In only ten years, the jeweler became one of the great names in the world of jewelry. It experienced a new boom in 1904 with the introduction of platinum and the invention of the wristwatch. Jewelry then extended its activity into the field of watchmaking and reached the prestige it enjoys today. The brand Cartier label appeared in 1933, with Jeanne Toussaint. The woman known as "the Panther" made her fetish animal the emblem of the House. Her feline shadow still hangs over the Parisian House. Follow her imprint to the Rue de la Paix...

The Cartier Signature 

A singular and moving vision results in pieces that move, vibrate and live on you. Everything is executed with the same high standards that characterize the style of the House Cartier. Driven by its vision of beauty, Cartier has created a refined design with essential lines and unrivalled power. Grandeur, nobility and sobriety, this is the signature Cartier that you wear as if nothing had happened.

What Cartier know-how?

Virtuosity born of ancestral tradition blends with boundless creativity: drawing on a prestigious and knowledgeable past, the Maison Cartier leaves a lot to innovation to create new futures. This is what has made the success of the House of Cartiera success that has never been denied to this day. The result? Creations with a timeless signature, recognizable among all.

A Cartier jewel, for what occasion? 

When and for what occasion to put on a necklace, put a ring on your finger, slip a bracelet on your wrist, or put on earrings from Cartier? The jewel Cartier jewel does not wait for the big event, but it knows how to mark the event if it has to. Combining luxury and sobriety, it can be worn superbly... every day. Wear the jewel Cartier whenever you feel like it, it enchants your reality.

Which Cartier jewel should I choose? 

From iconic pieces to emblematic designs, the Cartier jewellery is grandiose or confidential, opulent but elegant, sober but refined. Because beauty has many faces and emotion has infinite languages, the Jewelry and Haute Joaillerie collections take you into a magical universe that hides... in your daily life. Explore the Beauties of the worldor return to your Sixth sense; dare the Clash (un)limitedor the Love unconditional; try Just a nailwhen it's not a Nut or Berlingots. Meet a Panther, rub shoulders with Cactus or prefer the Orchid caresses. But do it in Cartier!


The jewel Cartier is that inescapable creation that magnifies your gesture, gives you an inimitable allure, sublimates your entire being. It is this rare, noble, unique piece that is placed on you as a matter of course. An intimate conversation between the jewel and you becomes possible, and the grandiose enters your daily life. Wear the jewel Cartierand the world of luxury will be revealed to you... in all simplicity.