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Chaumet, an empire within an empire 

Marie-Etienne Nitot learns his trade from Marie-Antoinette's jeweler, and founds his own company in 1780. Noticed under the Empire, he made the sword used for Napoleon's coronation. He became the official jeweler of the imperial court and served the Emperor's ambition to make Paris the center of fashion, and adorned the Empress Josephine, his muse, with his most beautiful pieces. In 1812, the jeweler moved under the protective column of the Place Vendôme, at number 12. The empire collapsed but the jewelry store kept its imperial air. At the end of the nineteenth century, Joseph Chaumet gave it his name to crown its glory.

An empire for Josephine... a jewelry store for you

We talk about the Napoleonic Empire, but it was Josephine who ruled the whole of Paris. Setting the tone in the fashion world, when it is not her name to one of the most prestigious collections that today's women wear, she inspired Marie-Etienne Nitot's most beautiful creations, those you can wear today. This immense lady has remained close, intimate. By infusing her greatness into the models that sublimate you today, she is always present.

The Chaumet signature

The Chaumet jewel naturally takes on an air of nobility, because it was born in the splendor of the imperial court and has sparkled for the greatest ladies in the past. But his artistic line, attentive to the latest trends, has always echoed modernity. His sources of inspiration constantly renew him. From exalted, triumphant nature to the vibrant, futuristic city, Chaumet's style invites privileged motifs and reinvents them at will. The House opens up to each new era, takes on a boyish look, dares the so feminine tiara, introduces geometric shapes, brings roundness, mixes colors and materials, gives in to exoticism to return to the good Parisian taste that characterizes its own style.

A Chaumet jewel, for what occasion?

Because it participated in the coronation of the greatest Lady of the Empire, Chaumet jewelry selects imposing and eternal stones, and places them on you with grandeur. You are splendid, your look is worthy of an empress. Create the occasion to wear this Chaumet jewelry! Because it is dedicated to you, this so feminine jewel listens to the modern woman that you are. It becomes more flexible, more fluid and lighter to serve you in all aspects of your life. Wear a Chaumet jewel for any occasion!

Chaumet collections: exceptional jewelry for exceptional women

Chaumet pays tribute today to the nobility present in every woman, just as it bowed to the greatness of Josephine at the time. The opulent and imposing creations of Haute Joaillerie alongside the airy and diaphanous creations of the Jewelry. Gold and diamonds sparkle on timeless jewelry , imbued with a royal majesty. They also dress the no less sublime signature pieces; the pear-shaped diamond leaves the heights of the tiaras to land on you and crown the woman you are. Because that's what a woman is, beautiful and simply woman. Because that's what a woman wants.


Nitot obeyed the empress, but he sublimated the woman in her. Nearly 240 years later, the House of Chaumet magnifies the woman, because it obeys the one who demands to be unique. Wear this jewel that weaves a link between daily life and eternity, heritage and modernity. It is dedicated to you, it not only makes you a great person, it underlines the greatness that is in you.