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From Paris to the whole world...

It didn't take ten years for the House of Cartier, founded in 1847 in the heart of Paris, to become a success. The purchase of a piece by a member of Napoleon III's family propelled the jewelry created by Louis-François Cartier to the forefront of the Parisian scene, and then into European high society. A family business that saw three generations succeed one another, Louis, the founder's grandson, set up the House on rue de la Paix, while his two brothers expanded internationally. Cartier is a resolutely neoclassical style, with a strong emphasis on abstraction, geometric shapes and bright colors. It is also a constant desire to innovate: the company introduces platinum and creates watches that are worn on the wrist. From then on, the jewelry business extended its activity into the field of watchmaking, which gave it all its prestige. In 1904, the company became the official supplier to the English court, then to Spain, Siam, Russia and others. The year 1933 marked the decisive meeting with Jeanne Toussaint, nicknamed the "Panther", a fetish animal that became the emblem of the House. The designer remained with the company for some fifty years and gave Cartier its signature style, which gave it an unrivalled position in the luxury sector.


The Cartier Signature 

The Cartier ring occupies a privileged place among the pieces of the Cartier collections. The culmination of the House's creativity, virtuosity and style, and the result of constantly evolving technical innovation, it is the signature piece that makes the House of Cartier what it is. Designed by the greatest artists, the Cartier ring is the result of techniques mastered to perfection, applied to exceptional materials.

A Cartier ring, for what occasion? 

Those who wear it are the ones who speak best about it. It is up to them to decide when and for what occasion to slip the ring Cartier. Reflecting each of their desires, the cartier ring is a jewel that seems to have a language to express the emotion that runs through the man or woman.

Which Cartier ring to choose? 

The Cartier signature is found in the originality of each piece of jewelry and echoes the unlimited inventiveness of the House. Opulent or confidential, grandiloquent or sober, the ring Cartier is always elegant. Each piece is a masterpiece.

Haute Joaillerie Collection 

Seven Beauties of the worldSeven rings, seven journeys, from the depths of the sea to the heights of heaven.

The Sixth Sense is invited to amaze you. Each piece is a wonder, from the Phaan ring with rubies set with diamonds that increase its vivacity tenfold, to the Parhelia ring that spreads waves of precious stones over three fingers or transforms into a brooch.

Obsessive like Clash (un)limited which sows the zizanie with its impressive volumes, its exacerbated colors, its deployment of picots. It plays with opposites to melt them on your hand.


Men's and Women's Jewelry Collection

There is Love in the air and we don't know where we are anymore...

Just a nailbut what a nail! A sober, radical, but so precious jewel.

The timeless, iconic Trinity is still here...

A Panther carved in metal, adorned with precious stones, and yet it has never looked so real.

Clash never overdoes it but takes care to cultivate the opposites.

Percutant the Nut when it is no longer a simple material but a highly sophisticated jewel.

Panther Link takes up the emblematic animal of the House of Cartier to strengthen your ties with it.

Powerful, voluminous, assertive, Cactus will only pique your curiosity and your sense of aesthetics.

When the Caresses of orchids are visual and land on your hand, you feel the delicacy of this fetish flower.

Nature unfolds at your fingertips with Fauna and Florabut it does so in the Cartier style that plays with the limits of abstraction and figurative.

The berlingots and their variations of colors and materials play with nuances and never stop inventing themselves. They find peace by resting on you.

Cartier reveals beauty wherever it is found. From jewelry to watches, leather goods and accessories, the famous House has left its mark on the world of fashion forever. The Cartier ring is that essential jewel that magnifies the gesture, that unique creation that sublimates the woman. Wear a Cartier ring, and the world of luxury is revealed on your hand... in the greatest simplicity.