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It’s a decidedly unique look that sets the tank bracelet apart from all other bracelets. A source of inspiration for contemporary jewelers and a timeless fashion accessory for collectors of beautiful pieces, the tank bracelet reveals its exceptional character at Castafiore.

Our fine selection of tank bracelets in gold is aimed at all desires: offering a vintage or second-hand piece of jewelry to someone dear to you or even helping to give a second life to a wonder of the past. In any case, find the ideal tank bracelet on our site.

The tank bracelet, a voluminous jewel with deliciously retro charm

A authentic tank bracelet is a gold jewelry. It can absolutely be yellow gold with 75% pure gold, 12.5% ​​silver and 12.5% ​​copper, white gold with 75% pure gold, 15% gold. silver and 10% copper, or even rose gold, with 75% pure gold, 5% silver and 20% copper. Some models also combine several tones of gold, for a result of the most beautiful effect.

Visually, the tank bracelet can be recognized by its large golden links which, once assembled, form a particularly geometric piece of jewelry. Square, rectangular or more abstract, these stacked or tangled links make the tank bracelet a unique creation.

Minimalist in idea, the tank bracelet is nevertheless maximalist in its format. Perhaps it is precisely this bold contrast that makes it so desirable to us years after its original conception.

What is the history of the tank bracelet?

THE tank bracelet was born following the Art Deco style and is inspired by the main characteristics of this major artistic movement, between harmony, symmetry and simplification of forms. The Art Deco style itself takes its example from Cubism, which certainly gives priority to geometry. The origins of the tank bracelet, which appeared in the 1940s, reveal the strong link between art and craftsmanship.

In these times of war, the tank bracelet seems to materialize strength and power through its emblematic shapes. Its raw design is in some way a mirror of the architecture of the time, which promoted the construction of imposing buildings throughout the West. Fashion favors perfectly structured silhouettes, between broad shoulders and double-breasted jackets. In short, the tank bracelet naturally finds its place in this historical context, as further evidenced by its military-sounding name.

While jewelry labeled Art Deco is certainly massive, but also colorful and adorned with a thousand and one (semi-) precious stones, tank jewelry mainly aims for sobriety. Because the bracelet is not the only representative of the tank style: the ring also allows for more fantasy if we are to believe our collection of tank rings with a thousand and one shapes and colors.

Let us remember, however, that the stones are often artificial at this period of history, but that the rubies and other synthetic diamonds which make up some of the tank jewelry still in circulation today precisely symbolize the authenticity of these creations from another time.

Why adopt the tank bracelet today?

The tank bracelet is no longer produced today. Only vintage and/or second-hand models guarantee you own an original tank bracelet, designed according to the rules of the art by craftsmen from the 1940s to the 1950s. In this sense, it is a jewel necessarily steeped in history, which is the reason why it occupies a privileged place in our heart.


Wear a tank bracelet in the 2020s thus stands out as a real claim to your style, your personality and more broadly your uniqueness. At a time when the biggest jewelry houses regularly launch new collections of jewelry at the cutting edge of trends, the tank bracelet brilliantly reaffirms the ability to adapt treasures from the past to all the styles of yesterday and today. today, or even tomorrow.

Far from being a single-use piece of jewelry, the tank bracelet is on the contrary presented as an everyday accessory, to be worn, given or passed on without any moderation. Reflecting the jewelry know-how of its time, it also adorns contemporary wrists with the same precision as in the past.

A true sure value in our eyes, the vintage and/or second-hand tank bracelet ultimately restores the nobility of jewelry from the dark years. It also allows current consumers to give jewelry a chance in search of new adventures. We believe that the tank bracelet deserves its place on your wrist more than at the bottom of a jewelry box or in the catalog of a museum, which is why we contribute to making these sumptuous historical pieces accessible thanks to our Online Store.

As a bonus, the tank bracelet appeals to both men and women due to its perfect geometry. So think about it to make a unique and memorable present for a member of your entourage. Lovers of beautiful objects will undoubtedly recognize the strong aesthetic potential of this iconic bracelet.

Find a vintage tank bracelet through our vast catalog

Since its founding, Castafiore has been showcasing signed and unsigned jewelry of excellent quality. After rigorous authentication by our expert jewelers, these old, vintage and second-hand jewels, which are first of all sincere favorites for us, then join our online sales platform before finding a happy owner among you.

Thus, the tank bracelets from our selection are no exception: we guarantee their authenticity and their general condition, enough to find your rare pearl with complete confidence on our site. Find the tank bracelet in its most classic version, in 100% gold and with regular lines, or opt for a more daring model, whether studded with diamonds or composed of links with unexpected sculptural shapes.

With or without signature, our tank bracelets promise to accompany you sustainably in all your moments of life. Wear them in all circumstances, for the simple pleasure of having a jewel as charismatic as it is precious with you.