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Chanel, a whole world just for you

It sits nonchalantly on you, its gold sparkles naturally, its stones shine casually: the Chanel jewelry magnifies you every day. Synonymous with French elegance, Coco is never far from the woman who wants to be sublime in the most natural way. What feat did Gabrielle Chanel achieve in combining refinement and comfort, chic and relaxation, to bring the grandeur of a universe into the smallest aspects of your life?

Three worlds in one: Chanel

A young unknown from Saumur, Gabrielle Chanel made herself known thanks to her hat boutique in Paris. She revolutionized ready-to-wear by introducing jersey, a material then reserved for men's underwear. In 1915, she opened her first fashion house in Biarritz. In 1918 she returned to the capital. After ready-to-wear, which revisited the codes, comes perfumery: Coco has the audacity to pose herself to advertise it. Then, it was jewelry’s turn to cause a scandal: in 1932, its “Jewelry of Diamonds” collection eclipsed traditional jewelry with its insolence. It would be necessary to wait until 1993 for the Coco spirit that floats in its perfumes to once again inhabit a jewelry collection, and 1997 for the jewelry to settle in Place Vendôme, among the other Houses that it had shaken up in the past.

The signature of Chanel jewelry

A practical spirit underlies Chanel's aesthetic choices. Refinement combines with the functional aspect. Freed from anything that can weigh it down, notably traditional frames that are far too rigid for the brand, it is the Chanel jewelryhimself who seems to be freeing himself. Its clean lines and sober carries follow the natural movements of the woman, vibrating with her, as if carried away by her vital flow. The diamonds sparkle for her, leading her into a dance that nothing can hinder. THE Chanel jewelry is precious, refined and luxurious; it is also comfortable, fluid and mobile.

A Chanel jewel, for what occasion?

Chanel jewelry is worn superbly, daily. Seemingly nothing, he lands on the woman. Wherever she goes, at any time, she looks stunning. Luxury invades real life, to magnify it. A banal moment in everyday life or a magical moment in life, it is always a space of eternity that is served to you with Chanel jewelry. With Chanel, you are timeless all the time.

The Chanel collections

Opt for Chanel jewelry, it enhances your femininity by simplifying your life, magnifies your appearance while keeping its naturalness. Choose from the Jewelry and High Jewelry collections and wear your Chanel jewelry as if it were unthinkable to do otherwise.

Because with Chanel, everything becomes big. A simple number with N°5, the Bottle of a perfume, its Stopper… The intangible is captured with Sillage, Inspiration materializes, Signature pays homage to it. In his Universe, Flowers bloom, the Camellia takes the spotlight. With Chanel, nothing is too much to adorn you. The Coco Crush quilted; the Ultra graphic; a Comet comes to enlighten you, a Feather to caress you, a Ribbon to embrace you. The Sun even hangs on you. Because for Chanel, you are tall.


Gabrielle Chanel, whom everyone calls Coco because she knew how to create a close link between luxury and women, brings splendor into your daily life. The Chanel jewel whispers greatness, invites beauty, and everything becomes big and beautiful. Even everyday life. Especially everyday life. The Chanel aesthetic has liberated haute couture, the world of perfumery, and also jewelry. And above all the woman.