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Bvlgari in Rome

What makes Bvlgari the emblem of Italian excellence in jewelry? Expert know-how passed down for generations? An unalterable link between a jewelry house and the city that saw it born?

In 1884, Sotirio Bulgari excelled in the field of goldsmithing. This young Greek is passionate about his adopted city, and after Via Sistina, he opens boutiques on Via Condotti, then in other cities as well. He still saw the future when, under the leadership of his sons, he launched into fine jewelry and opened the prestigious House that bears his name. Today, we cannot say if it is Rome which continues to inspire Bvlgari, or if it is Bvlgari who tells us what Rome is...

All Rome in Bvlgari

Rome has shaped its mark original creations from Bvlgari. Its treasures, monuments and buildings have continued to nourish the style of jewelry, resulting in grandiose pieces, alternately faceted or polished, with always impeccable craftsmanship. But Bvlgari was sensitive to everything that overflowed with this architectural rigor. The variegated hues, the extravagant volumes, the unusual materials of which the Roman city is made have found their way into jewelry, which went so far as to imitate the paving of its sidewalks with the Parentesi motif. The greatness of Rome forged the identity of Bvlgari, Bvlgari restored Rome to its greatness.

The signature of Bvlgari jewelry

A city of light, a city blessed with priceless treasures, a city in search of beauty, such is Rome. Stones that reflect light, exceptional materials, timeless pieces, these are the Bvlgari jewelry. Under expert hands thanks to a high level of skill, the grandiose has inhabited reduced volumes, the immutable has gained supple, fluid, comfortable creations, called “second skin”, grace has illuminated gold and gems. Rome inspired Bvlgari, Bvlgari brought Rome to light.

Bvlgari jewelry, for what occasion?

Born from a marriage between a city and a jewelry house, the Bvlgari jewel marries you and reveals who you are. The piece of jewelry that we don't take off on a daily basis rubs shoulders with the original piece that we only take out for special moments. The sleek, chic version, pleasant to the touch, easy to wear, sometimes gives way to a highly sophisticated creation, composed of unusual materials and precious details brought into a surprising assembly.

Versatile pieces make up modular jewelry to adapt to the dynamism and movement of contemporary lifestyle; unique creations seem to come from a distant glorious past and give you pomp and splendor. Because Rome is big and intimate. Because the woman is immense and touching.

Bvlgari jewelry collections

True works of art characterized by exceptional precious stones, magnificently cut gold, Bvlgari jewelry from the High Jewelry Collection appear to be coins taken from a treasure trove. But the Jewelry creations have nothing to envy of the extremely rare gems or the unique compositions of the House. Very quickly, these iconic pieces became the jeweler's trademarks. Dare to experience Roman grandeur or feel its touching simplicity. Each piece, rare or precious, legendary or contemporary, is emblematic of the Bvlgari style. Because all collections lead to Rome.


Bvlgari, in search of eternal beauty, brings it to today's world. His creations, combining timeless elegance and unusual modernity, recount centuries of heritage and invite the future. Each Bvlgari jewel marks its loyalty to its heritage, but its modernity constantly reinvents the codes. Wear Bvlgari jewelry and travel through the corridors of time, between ancient Rome and contemporary Rome, between past and present.