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Since 1858, the Boucheron house has distinguished itself from its competitors with bold and innovative creations. With a Boucheron ring on my finger, it’s an opportunity for modern women to assert their originality with confidence. Then discover an exceptional piece of jewelry among our collection of vintage and second-hand Boucheron rings with unaltered charm, to wear without moderation, in all circumstances and in an uninhibited way.

The Boucheron ring, an original piece of jewelry that reflects the singularity of the Parisian fine jewelry house

The history of Boucheron is particularly rich in first times. Founded by Frédéric Boucheron, the French house is notably the first, among contemporary jewelry establishments, to set up on Place Vendôme. Let us also mention the fact that, since 2015, a female duo has been working for the first time at the head of a Parisian fine jewelry house. With its status as a pioneer in different fields, Boucheron certainly knows how to stand out. Boucheron rings are the perfect illustration of the jewelry house’s capacity for innovation.

Boucheron, however, draws its inspiration from multiple natural and/or concrete elements, which are part of our daily lives or which, on the contrary, are synonymous with poetry and a change of scenery. In 2004, the Parisian cobblestones, urban emblems of the French capital, were for example showcased through the Quatre graphic collection, which was launched with architecturally designed ring models. In 2018, Boucheron instead captured the ephemeral beauty of flowers in a collection of rings made from real flower petals using innovative scanning technology. These two examples symbolize all of Boucheron's inventiveness, serving all femininities.

The Boucheron ring available in a vintage or second-hand version thanks to Castafiore

Our catalog of beautiful jewelry highlights the diversity of pieces signed Boucheron. The house brilliantly works with the most varied noble materials and (semi-)precious stones, which it transforms into rings with resolutely creative shapes. Thus, white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, platinum and even ceramic are featured on the Vintage Boucheron rings and modern and combine with naturally colored stones as well as fine diamonds with hypnotic beauty.

Solitaires, wedding rings, bangle rings, cocktail rings, pavé rings: Boucheron rings, carefully authenticated by our jewelry experts, are suitable for all occasions, starting with engagements and weddings. True hidden treasures, these vintage and second-hand jewels stand out in all cases as high-end fashion accessories to be included in all your daily outfits for the simple pleasure of wearing a luxury jewel purchased second-hand.

Beautiful as the first day, the Boucheron rings finely selected by Castafiore prove that the old still has something to charm new generations. As a choice that is both aesthetic and committed, second-hand jewelry is ultimately defined as the best way to pay homage to the know-how and creativity of the jewelry artisans of past decades.