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Top 4 of the Pomellato brands

What has taxed The House Pomellato On the Italian market, has established it as the fifth jeweller in Europe, and has opened up the sector internationally?

Coming from a family of goldsmiths, the jewelry has inherited an ancestral know-how. But this House, which excels by its heritage, has always been on the lookout for the latest trends. To the point of revolutionizing the world from which she comes. With her, the jewel " Ready-to-wear " Was born: precious parts once reserved for an elite become accessible. Another innovative design: the introduction of semi-precious stones, and their status as " New gems " With their unique colours in the classic jewelry.

The signature Pomellato

The Pomellato Jewellery Have revolutionized women's fashion by their powerful and trendy identity. Very quickly, his unique models became real icons of jewelry in Italy and the rest of the world. With a craftsmanship of excellence to an audacious rebellion, the House of Pomellato relied on its expertise to let its adventurous spirit free. Creating pieces of indisputable and inspiring value at the same time.

The Pomellato know-how

Every jewel Pomellato, stemming from a demanding tradition, or even ancient techniques such as that of microfusion, or cast iron to the lost wax, is the result of a thorough, expert, rigorous work. The colors themselves are exalted and jewels of the original shades are coveted to allow a new light on the woman, and on the jewelry. Thus, the codes are regularly challenged by a creativity full of vitality, even rebellious, which makes each unique signature singular, unique. Italian, in a word.

From this legacy are born of Iconic jewellery Which are part of an intemporel art. Susublime jewels that make up a spectacular collection that is no longer necessary to mention the existence, so they have marked their imprint the jewel world.

To name but a few, the emblematic motif Catene First appeared in 1971, is distinguished by its curved link directly in contact with the skin. Because Pomellato has always been close to the woman.

The best of the artistic and jeweller tradition that ranks Pomellato among the best in its category is given with the nude stone of Nudo, which gave birth to the most iconic bands of the House. Because the beauty of the stone is enough for itself. Deciated in several versions or mixed with other jewels, it enters into a symphony of colors and materials, and this happy combination is born a harmony of an unequalled power.

Iconica Carries its name, since its precious stones, shaped like stars, triangles and squares, perfectly illustrate this mixture of expertise and daring characteristic of the house.


Gioia, Tanzanite, Fantina, Diamond Little Princess, Re-loved, to name but a few of the most prestigious, magnify the woman of their aura and make it unique with the utmost elegance. Because only excellence allows the originality of good taste.

At the top of excellence and inventiveness, the House Pomellato Combines strong and avant-garde identity. A traditionalist and anti-conformist at the same time, expert and adventurer, she has enjoyed a growing success over the years, among the jewellery that women prefer. Inspired by today's woman and created for her, the House has been able to separate her neck from chains that make her feel freer, decorate her face and her delicate hands of NecklacesEarrings, from Bands And Bracelets That make it even more beautiful.