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Certainly belonging to the family of vintage jewelry and treasures of the past, the tank ring is nonetheless one of the favored sources of inspiration for today's jewelry artisans, thanks to its unparalleled design and timeless charm.

Chez Castafiore, the tank ring is available in a range of vintage models to the delight of collectors of vintage jewelry. Treat yourself to an exceptional jewel through our online catalog of a thousand and one references.

The tank ring, a jewel steeped in history

Tank jewelry first appeared in the 1940s, at the height of the Second World War. In part, they reflect the aesthetic codes of the Art Deco style, an anthological artistic movement whose watchwords were geometry, symmetry and harmony. Inspired by cubism, which encouraged the simplification of geometric forms, Art Deco further stimulated the imagination of creative minds at the time of the advent of tank jewelry. The tank ring is the result of a skilful blend of art and craftsmanship.

By its very appearance, the tank ring embodies concepts as abstract and valued in wartime as strength and power. In perfect harmony with the European and even Western architecture of the period, tank jewelry is characterized by its massive, imposing form. This explains the origin of their name, whose sounds confirm their military influence.

As an emblem of an era, the tank ring offers a fine insight into the work of jewelers in the 1940s and 1950s. Because it is no longer produced today, it enables modern consumers who own an original version to assert their uniqueness and personality with simplicity on a daily basis. Whatever your style, adopt the tank ring to accessorize all your or night.

How to recognize a tank ring?

With its singular silhouette, a tank ring is a jewel like no other. So it's also easy to identify contemporary jewels inspired by the characteristic tank design - iconic pieces that have undeniably left their mark on the history of jewelry.

Yellow, white or pink gold is the star of the tank ring. Each original model is crafted from an alloy of pure gold, copper and silver. Some models even mix different shades of gold, to delight all fans of this noble, timeless material.

A voluminous jewel par excellence, the tank ring takes the form of a wide band, with or without natural or synthetic stones. The context of creation of tank jewelry justifies the use of artificial stones, which is why most authentic tank rings sold today in vintage and/or second-hand versions are accompanied by rubies and synthetic diamonds.

In all cases, the tank ring stands out as a beautifully colored jewel, unlike the tank bracelet whose design is decidedly less fanciful. Take a look at our tank bracelets to complete your retro ensemble and mix sobriety and fantasy to great effect.

Find a vintage or second-hand tank ring with Castafiore

Convinced that unsigned jewelry deserves its letters of nobility, just like signed pieces, we offer you a fine selection of vintage tank rings with and without signature through our online boutique. Before they go on sale, these beautiful pieces are rigorously examined by our jewelry experts, who check that they meet our high standards of quality, durability and authenticity.

Choose your future tank ring with confidence on our site. Select a model in 100% gold, for example, or opt for a colorful jewel adorned with diamonds, rubies and other highly decorative stones. Bulgari and Gucci tank rings rub shoulders with unsigned treasures in our extensive catalog. Find the rare pearl by price, material or stones in our tank jewelry, for sophisticated style in all circumstances.

From classic to rock, our tank rings are perfect for every occasion. Wear them like real fashion accessories, for a total retro look or to play with genres. Make second-hand your first choice with our ultra symbolic and perfectly aesthetic tank jewelry.

How to care for a tank ring

Whether in yellow, white or rose gold, a tank ring is maintained in the same way as all silver jewelry. To enjoy its beautiful shine for a long time, first protect it from all products likely to damage it: cosmetics, perfumes, household products, etc.

You don't wear it? Keep it in a separate case or pouch from the other treasures in your jewelry box, away from light and humidity. We also advise you to remove your ring when engaged in manual activities such as DIY and gardening, and not to wear it in the shower, swimming pool, in the sea or on the beach.

Because our fingers are subject to perspiration and the proliferation of bacteria on a daily basis, also take the time to clean your tank ring with a soft cloth after wearing it. Once a week, soak your pretty vintage jewel for a few minutes in a bowl of lukewarm, slightly soapy water for optimal cleaning. Don't forget to rinse your jewel in clear water and wipe it dry with the utmost care before storing it or putting it on your finger.

Properly cared for, your tank ring can be worn and passed on for years to come. without moderation. We also offer you the opportunity to sell your unworn tank jewelry and give it a well-deserved second life. Find out more about our system for buying back antique, vintage and second-hand pieces, for both private and professional customers.