The Boucheron bracelet answers the temptation...

Wrapped languidly, or worn elegantly, the Boucheron braceletbracelet hugs the shape of your wrist and emphasizes the birth of your arm. While it pretends to accompany the gesture, its undulations sublimate the movement, revealing the elusive feminine or the masculine power. Worn alone or combined with impertinence, this jewel reveals your personality, asserts your style. Don't resist the temptation with the Boucheron bracelet...

History of the House of Boucheron, identity of its founder

Frédéric Boucheron was the first jeweler to set up shop in Place Vendôme. A multiple gold medalist, he excelled in cutting precious stones of exceptional quality. Four generations of direct descendants then made the House of Boucheron the icon of Parisian jewelry. At 26, Place Vendôme, it is now a female duo, Hélène Poulit-Duquesne and Claire Choisne, who are renewing traditional French jewelry.


What is the Boucheron style?

Its visionary spirit indefinitely renews tradition and illuminates it with a fresh, curious, inquisitive eye. Respectful of ancestral know-how, state-of-the-art technologies, perfectly mastered, reconcile heritage and innovation. Blending tradition and modernity, the Boucheron style creates the classics of tomorrow in a contemporary reinterpretation. 


A Boucheron bracelet, for what occasion?

No need for a special occasion to slip this sublime bracelet on your wrist. However, you can't do without it for the big events! It is there every day, it invites itself in the great moments. Tiny or powerful, discreet or imposing, subtle or substantial, it attaches itself to the wrist of the person who wears it. It says the approach of the beings, tightens the thread of love, ties the bonds, or simply tells the pleasure of curling up on the wrist.


Which Boucheron bracelet to choose ?

The Boucheron bracelet is only brushing against you, yet you are spellbound. This is undoubtedly due to the charm that emanates from the icons of the Jewelry Collection. So succumb to the temptation...

Quatre is classic and new at the same time. The cobblestones of Paris have inspired its graphic, urban, in a word, contemporary line.

Jack by Boucheronis the suppleness, fluidity, sensuality... of jack cables revisited! The clasp of the jewel is hidden like an unconfessed link.

Serpent Bohème shines with a bright light: the vintage collection seems to be reborn with a fresh look.

The bestiary is agitated at the wrist in Animals of collection. Nature is frozen in the matter, however, it has never seemed so alive ...

A fascinating Nature that recovers its wild, untamed, free character, running through the floral patterns. It is all the more beautiful.

The lightness of the fabrics freezes in gold with Couture, to be deployed in another way. A small wink of an eye to the founder Frédéric Boucheron who was the son of a clothier...

It is a capture of the movement, of the lightness, that operates Architecture. Fashion is reinvented through pure lines, geometric shapes, and makes us relive different times.

The Timeless discreetly disappear behind the precious stones to let them take center stage.

Materials, shapes and colors also interact with delicacy in the Haute Joaillerie Collection Carte blanche.

Holographic : the light unfolds as if it had not existed before, the colors are redefined.

Contemplation whispers or chants beauty, but above all, immortalizes it. With intimate accents or a certain grandiloquence, it wants to be confidential and immense at the same time.

Paris seen from the 26imposes its new perspectives and offers its original vision of cultural, pictorial and architectural codes.

Nature Triumphant is unleashed in real flowers and leaves that a new process has made eternal. The ephemeral beauty invites itself, imposes itself forever with the nine Eternal Flowers.

Frozen flakes and waterfalls, shivering fur and snow-covered roofs are transformed into pearls, stones and diamonds that lose us in the vast expanses of the Imperial Winter.

The Collection Haute Joaillerie histoire de style changes its look: the icons of the House disrupt tradition and dare to be new.

The New maharajahs summons old pieces and infuses them with a new spirit that resonates with today's woman after having resonated with yesterday's woman.

The spirit Art Deco brings back its pure lines, its clear and simple forms, for the pleasure of shaking them up.

The special order: you wish to live a unique experience, to realize your own creations, a place is left to your creativity.

Stemming from the great jewellery tradition, the Boucheron bracelet bracelet asserts its unique character character and imposes its its originality. You forget about it as soon as you put it on your wrist, but you can't do without it... Dare to be ungrateful, it's there just for you!