Castafiore was born from a love of jewelry and forgotten treasures. Passionate about jewelry and exceptional pieces, Anne and Charlotte have imagined a platform dedicated to a new form of jewelry: the jewelry of life. By relying on their expertise and their keen sense of beauty, they wish to give back its letters of nobility to the jewel, to value its heritage and the stories it has to transmit.

Charlotte Rey

After 20 years at Cartier, notably as head of Haute Joaillerie, Charlotte launched Castafiore to share her love of jewelry.

Convinced by the existence of hidden treasures, she wishes to give access to these pieces, because the most beautiful jewel is the one that is worn.

A marker of style and a catalyst of personality, jewelry must regain its place in the changing room. With Castafiore, Charlotte wants to reconnect with worn jewelry and renewed respect for the beautiful object.

Anne Borde

After 30 years of emotions and discoveries in the auction world, from contemporary art to jewlery, Anne has acquired a respect for beauty and exceptional pieces.

Her experience in the field of art has taught her to evaluate and value objects and she has seen how jewelry is sometimes charged with history. For her, learning about jewelry involves desacralizing the object. Through Castafiore, Anne wishes to give a second youth to jewels and to highlight old pieces by associating them with the most contemporary ones.

The jewelry of Castafiore

Timeless, jewellery is an object of memory. Passing on emotions and stories, it preciously keeps the memory of past events and happy moments. It is given, kept, transmitted, worn, repaired and transformed. Immortal, it passes through many lives and has the power to stay in fashion.

Castafiore desacralizes the wearing of jewellery by unearthing rare and precious treasures. By making exceptional vintage pieces accessible, Castafiore gives a new momentum to the world of luxury, once the privilege of a few, and thus meets a growing demand.

Thus, wearing a Cartier bracelet from the 1960s with an Art Deco ring is a new way of asserting your style and personality.

By facilitating access to these wonders of the past, together they promote the reuse of existing resources and contribute to the reduction of overproduction.