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In the Hermes jewelry family, this necklace has made an outstanding response to the aesthetic principles that demonstrate the uniqueness of the Paris House. In Castafiore, The Hermes necklace is an ancient gemstoneVintage and/or second-hand, dressed elegantly and confidently every day. Herm è s necklaces are easier to approach than the brand's new and contemporary creations, and the Herm è s necklaces in our beautiful jewelry catalog provide every woman with an easy opportunity to express their femininity.

Hermes necklace, a symbol of Hermes' thriving creativity

In 1837, driven by Thierry Herm è s, the Herm è s House was established in Paris, initially specializing in the design of high-quality wiring harnesses. In fact, the six generations of artisans inherited each other in the House of France, proving the authenticity of Hermes' works. Since 1925, Herm è s' product catalog has significantly expanded, marking Herm è s' entry into the field of ready-made clothing and jewelry.

Besides rings, bracelets, and other earrings, Hermes necklace Highlight noble and objectively beautiful raw materials, such as pure silver. Hermes focuses on minimalist design, imagining most of its jewelry as a material. However, the primitive and determined female form sets every Hermes necklace apart.

Herm è s distilled his passion for the equestrian world from his jewelry. Therefore, several series of Herm è s necklaces pay tribute to the saddle and harness through impressive designs. Anyway, The Hermes necklace perfectly embodies DNA The fashion of Paris House. Thanks to Castafiore, you can provide yourself with an extraordinary piece of jewelry that is both synonymous with craftsmanship and timeless.

Choose antique, retro, or second-hand Hermes necklaces and use Castafiore as a modern clothing accessory for you

The Hermes necklace is one of the signature works in our rich antique jewelry catalog, both forgotten and hidden, known for its exquisite design and authentic beauty. From classic necklaces to pendants, Hermes jewelry displayed through our online store seems to belong to all eras, not just once.

On the contrary, people may think that Hermes necklaces are designed to please girls, mothers, and grandmothers. In this sense, the Hermes necklace is a gemstone that has been passed down from generation to generation, but it is also provided, worn, and shared without any restrictions.

925 silver is a guarantee of its lifespan Herm è s necklace will simply elevate your neckline Every day. With careful certification from our jewelry experts, our selected Hermes necklaces will become a lasting partner for your clothing style.

Are you no longer wearing an Hermes necklace? Sell it to Castafiore to provide it with a second life that is commensurate with its numerous assets. In order to actively promote the reduction of overproduction and (re) utilization of existing resources, we now make second-hand our top priority. Let us work together to more consciously consume and respect the skills of yesterday and tomorrow's craftsmen.