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The art of jewelry has existed for many millennia. Collars adorned with prehistoric shells have been found, proving the human appeal for the trimmings. It is especially during the discovery of the metal that the jewels take another turning point in history, and are offered in different shapes, sizes and with different elements.

These include the exceptional plastron necklaces of ancient Egypt or the reputation of the Celtic torques in antiquity.

And what would be a gem without precious stones? The ruby, a mineral stone among so many others, is one of the oldest jewelry ornaments. Why not adopt a traditional and traditional way?

When we speak of a jewel as an exceptional piece, it is very often endowed with rare and breathtaking materials. If we look at the jewels worn by the royal characters of our era, we can quote The rubies of the crown of Empress Farah, the sapphire of Queen Victoria's brooch, the emeralds of the tiara of Queen Rania of Jordan or the many diamonds of Marie-Antoinette's necklace.

The precious stones have always stirred up the excitement: not only because of their rarity, since the gems appear in the rock according to the high temperatures of the Earth, but also thanks to their brilliance and solidity. A jewel with a precious stone is to show the world its wealth, its power, its taste and its refinement.

One might think that the jewels of a precious stone are addressed only to an elite. Yet at Castafiore, we advocate the art of jewelry for any woman in search of an exceptional ornament.

This is why we offer second hand jewelry, an economical and responsible alternative for any adept of jewelry.

You will find in particular our different selections of jewelry sertis of precious stones, as the Ruby rings.

The ruby, a precious stone, a mineral stone, an exceptional stone

Rubis is a red mineral stone, formed more than 25 kilometres underground thanks to the heat and pressure present at this depth. Deposits are found mainly in Burma, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, and Vietnam.

If this precious stone is formed in rocks rich in aluminum and silicon, it is thanks to chromium that it takes its red color. There are darker rubies, pulling on the brown: these contain more iron.

In general, precious stones are heated to accentuate their hue, but also to make them more resistant. The ruby is no exception to the rule, even though it is one of the world's most resistant gemstones.

To determine the hardness of a stone, the German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs created a scale to attest to the resistance of a stone, still used today.

This scale is from 1 to 10, knowing that 1 represents the friable rocks and that the 10 is held by a single rock: the diamond. Indeed, " Queen of precious stones " Is inrayable, except by another diamond. The ruby is located at 9 on the scale of Mohs, making it a precious and durable precious stone, which cannot be radiated by the nails, a blade or the sand.

In Choosing a ruby on one of your rings, you are sure to have a stone that will never buff.

The ring of ruby

When You Opt for a ruby clamp ringYou are certain of your personality and style. In fact, generally speaking, rings, especially those with gemstones, demonstrate your sense of authority. The color of ruby further reinforces this trend.

The ruby is indeed worn on the prince's attire, associated with passion and courage. Its bright crimson color also evokes passion, warmth, and flames. So you understand that wearing a ring adorned with rubies will make you stand out, affirm your personality, and represent your passion.

The ruby ring also symbolizes love A: Are you looking for an engagement ring for your lover? She is a strong, independent, and strong personality woman? So, a ruby engagement ring is the perfect decoration for your future engagement ring.

In addition to color and symbolic significance, rubies are also seen by rock therapists as a good way to cultivate confidence and perseverance. This will mean a good mood and enthusiasm. Gems may also have an impact on physics; For ruby, we are talking about protecting the heart and circulatory system, and even alleviating seasickness.

Whether you are a believer or not, rubies speak like stones: use them to showcase your passion for gemstones and gemstones.

Explore vintage ruby ring options on Castafiore

Our creed: Provide second-hand jewelry For high-end jewelry enthusiasts, just like us. Charlotte has worked in Cartier for over 20 years, and Anne has 30 years of auction experience. With our skills, we The latest taste of vintage jewelrySent by individuals who wish to sell high-end jewelry that they no longer wear.

Therefore, we advocate responsible procurement and advocate circular trade.

you Discovering a vintage ruby ring They come from different eras and therefore bring different styles.

cocktail ringEngagement ring, Tank Ring, Solitude RingBased on its shape, selection of metals and alloys, and the color of ruby, find the one that suits you.

Do you want a ring with a soft tone? Choose pink and purple rubies.

Do you want to confirm your strong personality? Some rubies have a more orange like hue.

By affirming your style Gold Ruby RingThis gem or ruby ring is a perfect combination with other gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, or sapphires.