Chanel: three creative worlds, three revolutions

She was not yet thirty when she opened a hat store at 31, rue de Cambon and attracted the whole of Paris. Gabrielle Chanel was already famous when she launched her line of jersey clothes in Deauville and revolutionized fashion with this material, which until then had been reserved for men's underwear. In 1915, she inaugurated her fashion house in Biarritz. She moved to the capital in 1918 and launched the N°5 perfume in 1921. The woman who shook up the dress codes reinvented those of perfumery, and pushed the insolence to the point of doing the advertising herself. In 1931, she went to Hollywood to dress actresses. In 1932, she moved into jewelry and again reinterpreted tradition with her modern " jewelry de Diamants" collection. In 1993, Chanel Joaillerie was officially born, and in 1997, it moved to 18 Place Vendôme. An event that finalized the reputation of the illustrious House in three worlds: Haute Couture, perfume and Haute Joaillerie.

The Chanel signature

Luxury and comfort, splendor and suppleness, lightness and preciousness, these are the key words of the Chanel aesthetic which, just as it helped to liberate women from the shackles that stifled haute couture and the world of perfumery, has created a line that is both sublime and practical. It is the jewelry itself that seems to be liberated by abandoning traditional settings, adopting clean lines that demystify the most exceptional stones and make them simple and natural to wear. The diamonds fall on the woman like a constellation, the golds vibrate with her, as if carried away by the movement of life. Luxury becomes obvious and you wear your Chanel ring as if it were unthinkable to do otherwise.

A Chanel ring, for what occasion?

Wearing a Chanel ring is to give a place to preciousness, beauty and grandeur in all daily occasions. Chanel jewelry respects the rhythm of the contemporary woman and follows her in her life. In tune with today's woman, the House virtuously blends chic and casual, elegance and comfort. The woman returns the favor and, in the most natural way, contributes to magnify this jewel in her turn.

Fine Jewelry Collection

The fetish number that launched the iconic perfume has reached the world of jewelry and gives it its name: the Chanel signature is on your finger with N°5. (also available in jewelry)

The Flowers jasmine, may rose and ilang-ilang will linger on your finger in an aesthetic and precious bouquet.

The impalpable materializes on your hand with Sillage which translates its fragrant aura into a sparkling diamond effect.

The N 5The N5, mythical, fetish and mysterious, brought luck to Gabrielle; now it's your turn. Let yourself be seized!

A Plug which, instead of withdrawing, clings to your finger because it is worthy of it. Chanel obliges.

In 1932, Gabrielle Chanel created her first collection of Haute Joaillerie and marked her era. Today, the House of Chanel still affixes its signature.

A magical star that fell straight from the dreamlike world of Gabrielle Chanel chose your hand to visit our world, with Signature 1932.

Signature Lion captures this majestic and fearsome animal... for those who would try to prevent it from marrying your hand.

(Under the sign of the lion also available in jewelry)

Camellia Signature CollectionThe emblem of Chanel, the camellia, has been picked for you, and naturally comes to rest on your finger. This flower has no perfume, but it is its elegance and beauty that it offers you.

(also available in jewelry)

Jewelry Collection

The quilted pattern of Coco Crush plays with materials to give you a unique style with its straight lines that crisscross the curved surfaces.

Ultra graphic and totally free to mix contrasts and innovate with the ceramic.

A Comet has left the sky and it is on your finger that we admire its glitter.

A Feather for lack of wings, you fly away.

The Ribbon unfolds to better attach you. Do not break this unique bond.

Baroquein all simplicity!

The Sun contemplates itself on your finger. Let it rise over you.

Each stone of your Chanel ring has been meticulously hand-set, each gold piece has been assembled with the utmost precision, so that you can be sublime without worrying about anything; so that you can feel free, without even thinking about it.