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With a name that certainly hints at its preciousness, the marquise ring is a natural choice for lovers of classic jewels. Thanks to Castafiore, (re)discover the incomparable charm of marquise rings, past and present, to be worn as true everyday fashion accessories. Discover the rare pearl among our antique, vintage and second-hand references, with or without signature.

The marquise ring, an original and sophisticated feminine jewel

Unparalleled originality, the marquise ring is distinguished first and foremost by its voluminous silhouette and unparalleled brilliance.. With its long, oval shape and tapered ends, this jewel of French jewelry tradition immediately asserts the nobility of its origins, confirmed by its constellation of diamonds.

Initially designed in honor of the famous Marquise de Pompadour (1721-1764) at the request of King Louis XV, who wished to offer his mistress a jewel whose shape and sparkle were directly inspired by her smile, the marquise ring is now an emblematic and essential model of blue-white-red jewelry. From the slim, full-length marquise to the rounded, generously-shaped marquise, every woman can find the ideal marquise ring to suit her tastes and desires.

Sumptuously adorned with diamonds, or even other (semi)precious stones, the marquise ring dresses and sublimates the hand of its owner. Succumb to the breathtaking beauty of a marquise ring from our online boutique and wear your new jewel without moderation, for special occasions and special occasions alike.

Find a sublime antique, vintage or second-hand marquise ring from our extensive online catalog.

Take a look at our models of marquise rings to discover the thousand and one facets of this exceptional jewel. At Castafiore, fine jewelry is available for every style, personality and budget. Whether contemporary or from decades past, the marquise rings featured on our site are a brilliant celebration of the expertise of meticulous, passionate artisan jewelers.

Indeed, every marquise ring available on our online platform has undergone rigorous authentication by our jewelry experts. Signed or unsigned, these high-quality rings are the perfect companions for women who want to give a new lease of life to dated creations.

Perfectly timeless, the marquise rings selected by our team are sure to find their place among fans of French elegance. Made from gold, silver, enamel, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, amethysts or sapphires, our marquise rings can be offered as engagement rings or worn as everyday jewelry.

In short, choose the marquise ring of your dreams, according to its period of manufactureprice, the occasion, your favorite gems and your finger size. With original models and more traditional pieces, our selection will satisfy every requirement in high-end jewelry.