Chanel: listening to women, ahead of its time

Born in 1883 in Saumur, Gabrielle Chanel went to Paris and started creating hats. Worn by celebrities, they are all the rage. So when she decided to open a fashion house in Paris, elegant women already knew her. She continued to surprise them, as her ready-to-wear collection was made of jersey, a material then reserved for men's underwear. Her prestige extended to Biarritz, where she opened her couture house. She moved to the capital in 1918 and launched her first perfume, N°5, in 1921. After the upheaval of dress codes, the world of perfumery was shaken. Gabrielle Chanel pushed the audacity to the point of posing herself on advertising posters. In 1932, the " jewelry de Diamants" collection made a scandalous entry into the world of traditional jewelry. In 1993, Chanel Joaillerie was officially born, and in 1997, won the Place Vendôme. The House, famous in three worlds, Haute Couture, Perfumery and High Jewelry, is always one step ahead. 

The Chanel signature

Gabrielle Chanel freely reinterprets the traditional codes of jewelry. She frees jewelry from their shackles and offers women a refined line with a comfortable elegance. Golds and diamonds sparkle casually in your ears and give you a chic and contemporary look. The Chanel Earrings are worn with simplicity and style. They reconcile nonchalance and allure and combine luxury with naturalness.

Chanel earrings, for what occasion?

The Chanel spirit understands women. Chic without being stuffy, sophisticated with detachment, she has complex and varied needs. The Chanel earrings, of exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled style, give women that touch of elegance without ever forgetting their well-being. These pieces embody femininity and modernity at the same time. Today's woman wears Chanel jewelry because it reflects her personality.

Haute Joaillerie Collection

Gabrielle Chanel invented an allure, an iconic perfume signed her style, jewelry perpetuates it and adds a chapter to this love story between the woman and all that sublimates her, clothes, perfumes, jewelry. The N°5a mysterious fetish that lit up the life of Mademoiselle Chanel, now lights up your face.

(also available in jewelry)

In 1932, Gabrielle Chanel created her first Haute Joaillerie collection " jewelry de diamants". The only jewelry collection created during Gabrielle Chanel's lifetime marked her era with her unique imprint. Today, the House of Chanel approves and... affixes its Signature.

A celestial glow settles on your face with Signature 1932. A twinkling star illuminates your face, and you shine.

A camellia nestles on your face and its elegant and sober touch gives you an immediate chic look with Signature Camellia. When, for the love of a woman, nature touches immortality, it is the jewel that is timeless.

(also available in jewelry)

Jewelry Collection

Coming directly from the equestrian field, the quilted Coco Crush doesn't hesitate to settle on your face. Its rectilinear diamond-shaped patterns welcome the roundness of a supple material that has been set in gold. Be sensual with rigor.

The ultimate Ultrais to mix opposites and create harmony. A challenge taken up for this two-tone ceramic model, resolutely geometric and totally free.

A Comet celestial for a woman...divine. Don't look far, she's hanging on your ears.

It is only fearsome in nature, but on your face, it keeps only majesty and nobility. Under the sign of the lionyou are protected.

A Feather on the ears instead of in the hand and you rewrite elegance in the feminine.

The Ribbon would unfold more if it had not found a way to attach itself to your face. Enjoy this light yet unbreakable bond.

Baroque and simple, like the Chanel signature grandiose in its simplicity, these earrings Chanel earrings are sophisticated... with casualness. Excessiveness has found its master.

The Sun rises on your face every morning. Never let it set.

The Chanel earrings are worn as a matter of course. Created for today's woman, resolutely free and feminine, they are designed to be unobtrusive, while sublimating you. This is the tour de force achieved by an outstanding designer who has invented an elegant and casual look, creating a chic and natural style. Her clothes, perfumes, jewelry are the reference of the modern wardrobe.