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jewelry Chaumet : An empire, a capital, a jeweller

A young apprentice by the name of Marie-Etienne Nitot learned his trade from Marie-Antoinette's jeweler. Initially associated with him, he soon founded his own firm in 1780 and carried out spectacular orders: the tiara of Pope Pius VII, but also the sword used for the coronation of Napoleon. He became the official jeweler of the imperial court, the emperor wanting to make Paris the center of fashion, the empress Josephine inspiring his most beautiful pieces. The jewelry house moved to 12 Place Vendôme in 1812, when Nitot's son took over. The empire collapsed but the taste for splendor remained and the ambition to make Paris the capital of luxury continued to impose itself under the restored monarchy. Joseph Chaumet, director of the House from the end of the nineteenth century until the Belle Epoque, gave his name to the illustrious House we know today.

Josephine, Chaumet and you

Once upon a time, there was a woman who became an empress for love, and a House that reinvented jewelry out of love for this woman, and then for all women. The empress inspired Nitot to create unique creations, Chaumet produced its most beautiful creations for your exceptional nature. From one woman to the next, Chaumet is there only to sublimate you.

The Chaumet signature

Polishers, setters, jewelers work for you with know-how and virtuosity. They invite privileged motifs that have become characteristic of the Chaumet style. Lively, vibrant, triumphant, nature settles on your finger in jewelry feminine as sumptuous as she is. They also let themselves be crossed by the latest trends of the city of Paris. Visionary, the artistic line echoes modernity, and boldly plays with codes and fashions: garçonne allure, geometric shapes, colors, materials, exoticism ... the House Chaumet is always looking for novelty. With the good Parisian taste that characterizes it and in its own style.

A Chaumet ring, for what occasion?

From the flexible, light and free link to the imposing and eternal stone, the Chaumet ring embraces the multiple facets of a woman, serving her in all aspects of her life. Created to embellish you on a daily basis, or to mark the unique moment of your life, the Chaumet ring sticks to your skin and embraces you lovingly to never leave you. A jewel of feeling, it symbolizes love, celebrates passion and seals the union. A feminine jewel, it shines with all the richness of emotions, embracing their nuances, declining their subtle versions.

Chaumet Collection

Exceptional jewelry for exceptional women. Chaumet pays tribute today to the greatness, nobility and beauty present in every woman, as it was in Empress Josephine at the time.

Opulence, abundance and magnificence are expressed in the Déferlante ring, a true ode to dynamic and vibrant life. It bursts forth to flow voluptuously around your finger and hypnotizes you with its dazzling fire. Thanks to the knife wire technique, characteristic of the House, it seems to be frozen in its momentum.

Voluminous, majestic and airy at the same time thanks to its energetic spiral design, the Torsade ring stands out like the Vendôme column that inspires it. Gold and diamonds sparkle like eternal life on this timeless jewel.

Jewelry collection

The House's signature pieces have reached a dimension that has nothing to envy to exceptional creations. They have even become the jeweler's trademarks.

In solo or duo version, for oneself or to coordinate with the one of one's heart, the refined, resolutely graphic, deliciously sensual style of the Liens ring seals the commitment or claims the free and eternal love.

Imbued with royal majesty, the Josephine ring crowns the woman of today. A cushion or pear-shaped diamond - the emblem of the House - delicately rests on your finger and leaves its noble and luminous imprint. Combined with the V-shape of the aigrettes, this jewel expresses the essence of the collection. You will shine...

The beehive cell revisited by the jeweler gives a modern interpretation of what art can bring to nature. Come and browse the geometric lines of the Bee My Love ring, and enjoy the sensuality of its golds.

One of the most prestigious houses in the art of Parisian jewelry offers you bold, unique, feminine creations, in a word, in the image of who you are. Put your finger on this thread that weaves a link between daily life and eternity, heritage and modernity.