Young, tall and beautiful, Dior Jewellery...

Coming from the business world by his father who is a rich industrialist, Christian Dior turns very quickly to art, because of his affinities and his talent. In 1925, he opened his first art gallery, and the financial ruin of his family due to the crisis of 1929 made him fly on his own in his own way. A fashion drawing enthusiast, he sold sketches to the couturiers of the time, and became a fashion illustrator for the Figaro. In 1946, he founded his own fashion house. A year after its opening, his first women's ready-to-wear collection marked the beginning of an illustrious international career. Christian Dior made the front page of the New York Times and was awarded the Legion of Honor. In 1955, he opened the House of Dior at 30 Avenue de Montaigne. He died suddenly of a heart attack in 1957. He was succeeded by Pierre Balmain, and after him, others, who each time opened a new chapter, but always cultivating the style of the House. It was not until more than fifty years after its founding that the House of Dior created a jewelry department, under the aegis of Victoire de Castellane. The youngest French jewelry house quickly became prestigious. The installation of Dior Joaillerie on the Place Vendôme gave it its letters of nobility. 

Dior earrings, for what occasion?

Anytime, anywhere. Because there's no need to wait to shine, whether for everyday wear or for special occasions. They accompany you every day, brightening your complexion, delicately framing your face, illuminating it wonderfully; they set the tone for a chic grooming, affirm your personality, reveal your style. From delicate to extravagant, the light emanating from Dior earrings earrings reveal your inner radiance.

The Dior signature

Dior's style skilfully blends excellent know-how from the world of traditional jewelry with originality. This young prodigy revisits the classics and creates something new. This is how the House of Dior reinvents heritage and puts its signature on each creation: it is always on the lookout, seeking the new, capturing the unknown. 

Which Dior earrings to choose?

Follow its golden threads and cling to the rough edges of its gems. 

The Compass Rose unfolds the eight branches of the glittering star it forms, and it is Christian Dior who gives you his good luck charm, to bring you luck in turn. Victoire de Castellane puts her grain of salt, or rather her grain of rice, in a twist that adorns a medallion, and it is Dior elegance that lights up your face.

Abstract, asymmetrical, colorful, GEM DIOR brings all the successes of the fashion house to the jewelry department. Elegance from head to toe, including the ears.

It is everywhere on its creations, it signs the beauty and sublimates the femininity, the Dior Rose Couture is the emblematic motif of the House, which questions the world around it in order to place it on the woman and magnify her.

The artist's eye has captured the hidden beauty that others leave out. With Rosewoodit is the stem of this splendid flower that, instead of unfolding its delicate petals, stretches its branches to your face. But it deposits thorns in gold and diamonds.

Is the rose outdated? Like the precious garden of Bagatelle which saw its rose garden blooming there? This is without the virtuosity of Rose Dior Bagatelle which picks from the past the jewelry of modernity.

Dior offers you flowers in a rich and colorful bouquet, in which leaves and flowers, and sometimes even bees, are crystallized in precious gold. Accept only the flowers of Rose Dior Pré Catelan.

Iconic, Archi Dior jewelry is resolutely couture. Because you can't do it over again...

To your ears sparkles a combination of Mimirose and Compass Rose. Mimirosebecause nothing is too much for you.

YesIt's not for you to say, but for the earrings you wear to speak for you. So persuasive.

Always in search of style and elegance, the House of Dior never stops questioning traditional French jewelry. Its love for women, which drives it to dress them from head to toe, was missing the ultimate note, that given by the earrings that you put on when you look in the mirror.