Itinerary of a cufflink within the Maison Cartier

Louis-François Cartier founded Maison Cartier in 1847, initially located in the heart of Paris, rue Montorgueil. Less than ten years later, a member of Napoleon III's family who bought a piece from him helped introduce him to Parisian high society. The European elite then became interested in his work. Louis, grandson and direct descendant, gave impetus to the House as we know it today and set up its headquarters in a more affluent area, rue de la Paix. Its new style of neoclassical inspiration prefigures the Art Deco style, with the emphasis left to abstraction, geometric shapes mixed with bright colors. He also introduced the use of platinum. In 1904, he became official supplier to the English court; those of Spain, Siam, Russia and others will follow. The same year, he invented the watch that could be worn on the wrist, in response to a request from one of his aviator friends. Since that day, the success of Cartier watches has not been denied. In 1933, Jeanne Toussaint, nicknamed “the Panther”, directed the Cartier collections for almost fifty years, leaving her mark on the House. An iconic brand with an international aura, the House of Cartier continues to write new chapters in the world of luxury, cultivating the style that characterizes it.

From a usual function…

A cufflink replaces the button and closes the sleeves of your shirt to keep it in place. Simple accessory that many neglect, since a simple button does the trick. Born in the seventeenth century, it replaced the lace that was tied at the wrists. It occupied this function until the nineteenth century, and even saw its use extend: initially reserved for ceremonial outfits and other evening clothes, its use became widespread to respond to a fashion where the button was not enough to close a starched sleeve that is too stiff. It is then essential on urban clothing. It was in contemporary times, in the seventies, that the cufflink fell into disuse in a more pragmatic society which systematically used the button.

… for a decorative purpose…

But its ornamental vocation is undeniable. Dequired at weddings, social evenings, or other festive events, it comes into play where the man intends to mark his elegance right down to the finish of his outfit and to have a refined look down to the smallest details.

…to become the very trendy fashion accessory…

Designers have understood this, who exploit the ornamental aspect of the cufflink. Precisely because we can do without it, it becomes the distinctive sign of the man in search of perfection, who takes meticulous care of his appearance, omitting nothing to refine his appearance. Cartier cufflinks are the ideal piece for a modern wardrobe to give a man a distinguished and virile appearance.

The Cartier signature

Cartier cufflinks constitute a category of their own and bring together all the essential conditions for creating exceptional pieces. The Cartier label is reflected in the originality of each piece and echoes the inventiveness of the house. Confidential and discreet, shiny and precious, Cartier cufflinks are the result of a singular vision and virtuoso know-how, to bring the final touch to your look, all the more refined because nothing required it. ; but which, once you wear it, seems essential.

Cartier cufflinks, for what occasion?

They lend themselves to all combinations, can be worn in a thousand ways, allowing each man to express his conception of elegance. Whatever their colors, models, or the materials from which they are made, Cartier cufflinks are always refined. Using iconic patterns or cultivating singularity, they bring a classic touch or have surprising accents, have a discreet charm or allow fantasy, even extravagance. Reserved for men, Cartier cufflinks distinguish those who add them to their outfit and undoubtedly make them more of a man. What better piece of jewelry than Cartier cufflinks to highlight the elegance of an outfit, to give the allure of couture spirit?

What distinguishes the great jewelry houses from others is the attention paid to the little things, down to the smallest detail. The refined touch that transfigures an entire outfit and gives you that unrivaled look is thanks to Cartier cufflinks. A couture jewel par excellence, they constitute the highlight of an elegant outfit, which you pin on your shirt for an impeccable and deliciously masculine look.