Bulgari Jewelry: From goldsmithing to jewelry…

A Greek goldsmith, Sotirio Bulgari, enjoyed great success with his wrought silver ornaments which delighted the customers of Via Sistina. He then opened shops on Via Condotti and extended his activity to other tourist towns. His two sons and partners, Giorgio and Costantino Bulgari, gave him the impetus that would give birth to the House we know today, by suggesting that he replace silver with gold and work with precious stones: Bvlgari was born. For more than a century, success has not been denied in this prestigious jewelry which shapes a unique style, emblematic of Italian excellence.


Each piece bears the imprint of the Roman city, a source of inspiration for the Bvlgari house. Receptive to the foreign influences which marked the first classics of its design, the brand is gradually asserting itself in its identity, reconnecting with its roots, reclaiming its Italian essence. The Bvlgari brooch, more than any other piece of jewelry, gives you its conception of la dolce vita and its vision of beauty. Precious or colored stones recall noble buildings or colorful mosaics; the faceted or polished stones depict the monuments with perfect architecture or the ancient domes of the city. It’s timeless Rome served to you in perfectly crafted jewelry; it is the exuberant Rome that is revealed to you in brooches as surprising as the city that inspires them.

The Bvlgari signature

The high jewelry spirit creates timeless models. The Italian spirit gives life to daring creations. The brooch occupies this special place between classic and modern in the world of jewelry and in the collection of the Roman house. The Italian spirit who introduced the colorful note, the unusual material, the marriage of precious stones and those that since then we never dare call “semi-precious” again, has deployed all the facets of its design in this jewel which, whether classic or fanciful, stands out for its elegance and character. What better piece of jewelry than the brooch to highlight with panache the splendor, the magic, the grandeur of the Italian spirit?

A Bvlgari brooch, for what occasion?

Its ancestor, the fibula, had the function of gathering the folds of a garment. Very quickly leaving aside its primary function, the brooch became the ornamental jewel par excellence. Its highly decorative character has given it a privileged place within the Bvlgari house. This parade jewel, which we approach from the front, always occupies the back of a toilet. Clinging to the fabric, it lends itself to all combinations and can be worn in a thousand ways, thus becoming the most creative feminine jewel there is. It is also extremely sensual, because, if it is not worn next to the skin, it enhances the complexion of the face with its particular radiance, highlights the shoulder, highlights the birth of the chest.

The collection

Since the first Art Deco brooches which appeared in the 1920s, several pieces have followed one another in the Bvlgari collection, adorning the dresses of the biggest stars, illuminating the natural beauty of all women. Recurring motifs or, on the contrary, completely new creations have produced jewelry pieces of unparalleled refinement. They are in turn adorned with sumptuous floral motifs in bright hues, introduce brilliant subjects, or on the contrary bring a discreet touch of the highest elegance.

To cite just a few of the most prestigious or unusual examples: the Tremblant brooch which seems to quiver under the caress of a fresh breeze, while the Festa brooch voluptuously celebrates the joy of living, with its raspberry-flavored Eskimo ice creams, its al pistacchio pastries, or its mint lollipops... But the stylization of the Bvlgari-Bvlgari brooch recalls the elegance of high jewelry sets. They all compete in beauty and delicacy, whether sentimental or playful, with a classic touch or surprising accents.

Discreet or extravagant, responding to a theme or cultivating singularity, the Bvlgari brooch is always precious. It has always been there, in all colors, in all shapes, in the most varied models. Making its appearance with radiance, it poses boldly on the toilet you are wearing, quivering with every movement of your body, without ever eclipsing your beauty, but always to enhance your femininity. A unique piece, the Bvlgari brooch pays homage to you because you too are unique.