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As tradition dictates, every marriage application is accompanied by an engagement ring, the most common form of which is the solitary serti of one or more diamond (s).

If the Solitary ring Is now offered on different occasions, it is still a resolutely romantic and feminine gem. Thanks to Castafiore, celebrate your love of the most delicate and attentive in manners, making the choice of an ancient loner, vintage or second hand to offer to be loved.

The story of the solitary ring, a highly symbolic jewel

In the world of high jewellery, we call " solitary any ring whose central stone, which is most often a diamond, is carved in a very specific way, generally taking a rounded shape. Diamonds of diamonds associate the term "solitary" with a diamond cutting, which means that a diamond ring alone is not necessarily regarded as a solitary ring. Contrary to what one might think, the name of the solitary ring also does not indicate that the jewel ring cannot be served by other stones than the central stone.

The engagement ring exists from ancient Egypt in the form of a simple iron ring offered to the bride. It is necessary to wait until the 15th century to witness the birth of the solitary ring, even if the design of the engagement ring is already becoming more complex over the centuries. It is believed that Maximilian of Austria introduced the custom of offering a ring of diamond betrothal to the loved one, in the form of a solitary ring, as he did with Mary of Burgundy that he married in 1477.

If the diamond is required as the precious stone of choice on A engagement ring such as the solitary ring, it is thanks in particular to its characteristic hardness, which symbolizes brilliantly the strength of the love bond. For the most part, the solitary diamond is mounted on a ring whose circular shape represents the infinite character of love. Today, jewellers willingly replace the central diamond with a ruby, emerald, or sapphire on their solitarious models, in order to modernize the traditional engagement ring and make it more accessible. Sobre and classic or more original and colorful, the solitary ring is in any case carefully crafted from noble materials, with high aesthetic potential. Beau et shine, le solitary sublime sans exertion les mains sensitivities des femmes amoureuses, ainsi que des femmes qui ont merely envie de s' faire ou de se faire Offering un bijou au style intemporel.

Why choose a solitary second hand vintage ring?

The Choice of a Solitary Wave Depends largely on the occasion in which it is offered and the preferences of the person to whom it is intended. At Castafiore, we intend to return their letters of nobility to unsigned jewels, which is why single rings of renowned jewelry houses meet unbranched solitarious rings through our extensive catalogue of high-end bands. For us, the important thing is to allow the greatest number of loners to live a new life as exciting as hectic.

Of course, the solitary ring offered as part of a marriage application is imbued with strong emotions. To separate it seems inconceivable for many of us, even if the jewel, similar to a relic, is doomed to remain forever locked in a jewelry box. Another party taken is to consider that every jewel is made to be worn and that it therefore deserves its place with a woman who will be able to give her all the attention it deserves. As a real fashion accessory, with its decidedly authentic charm, the solitary ring is one of those jewels that are unquestionably worthy of being shown and seen.

In addition, the solitary ring takes the form of a disguised lucky holder when it is transmitted from one woman to another. Having sealed the love union of two beings, she then celebrates the commitment of two new people and so on. Far from being impersonal, the solitary ring of second hand is, on the contrary, the witness of unique and precious moments of life, in addition to being an ethical alternative to new solitary ones.

Find the solitary ring vintage of your dreams through the fine selection of Castafiore

On our online shop, the solitary ring actually takes a thousand and a form. Among the signed solders available on our site, we honour the great names of the high jewelry, the image of Chanel, of Courbet, of Maustasin, or of Tiffany & Co. Solitary rings that hold our attention and that our experts authenticate with the utmost rigour are jewels of excellent quality. They are designed with gold, or even a mixture of gold and platinum, as well as with stones of a beauty without common measure, from the white diamond to the ruby passing through the sapphire. On some models, a pearl even replaces the central stone that traditionally adorns the solitary ring, to enjoy a jewel that perfectly makes the connection between tradition and modernity.

Explore Our vintage solitarious band catalog To find the rare pearl, whether it is signed or not. From the 1940s to the contemporary era, our collection of solitarians goes through the ages and proves the ability to adapt high-end jewels to changing trends and fashions. With one of our old solitarious rings, vintage or second hand, affirming his style and claiming his singularity is a real child's game.

Out of hand, our solitarious people are accompanied by a value-for-money ratio that will end up seducing you. With Castafiore, the Luxury solitary bands Are within reach of more women. Each of our product sheets presents in full transparency the characteristics of our jewelry, in order to help you to choose with confidence a solitary ring that will share a few years, even a few decades of your life, before you may find a new owner with a finger to shine a thousand lights on.