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If you are looking for exceptional jewelry that has stood the test of time, you will definitely find a ring on your finger on Castafiore. We present a selection of vintage Mauboussin jewelry, notably certain iconic rings of the brand. Active for more than 200 years, the jewelers of Mauboussin have drawn inspiration from numerous artistic movements and created assertive jewelry, using exceptional materials, such as refined metals and precious stones. Our Mauboussin rings are second-hand: these are therefore original and original pieces, which will certainly differentiate you from modern jewelry!

Mauboussin, a two-century-old jewelry craftsman’s workshop, a symbol of techniques, design and excellence

It was during the romantic movement of the 19th century that a small jewelry workshop opened on rue Greneta in Paris, by a certain Mr. Rocher. It was then his successor, Mr. Noury, who would propel the future Maison Mauboussin into the limelight. During these years of discovery, all artists had the opportunity to discover the know-how of other cultures and to draw inspiration from it for their own creations. This is the case for Maison Noury, which stood out during the Universal Exhibition of 1878.

It is when George Mauboussin, who succeeds his uncle on the Noury ​​side, that history takes another turn: many jewelers emerge, such as Cartier, Massin or even Falize, offering tough competition. However, this is where Mauboussin stood out and took off, presenting jewelry that was as original as it was exotic during the Roaring Twenties between the Wars.

Mauboussin then conquered the world by reaching audiences in London, New York and Argentina. We know its reputation today: a house of artisan jewelers which offers jewelry with noble materials, precious stones of a wide variety and models which are renewed over the years, for international success. eternal.

Discover Mauboussin rings on Castafiore: antique jewelry to enhance your hands

You will find numerous references of Mauboussin rings on our site. Our selection represents the variety of know-how of the jewelry house, with different shapes and materials, to match all your desires. Our rings are second hand: we want to promote ecology with responsible purchases. This allows you, on the one hand, to have unique jewelry that is not found in current stores and will highlight your vintage style, and on the other, to save money!

Find more or less old rings, with various styles that will match your current outfits. Opt for simple jewelry, in yellow gold or white gold, with sapphires, citrines, diamonds, turquoise or even quartz. Choose exceptional rings, wedding rings, solitaire rings or cocktail rings, with sober or sophisticated shapes, with a retro effect or a classic effect, in monochrome shades or with shimmering colors.

Whether you are looking for an exceptional ring for a special occasion or are keen on unique jewelry, you will find the Mauboussin ring on Castafiore that will meet your expectations. You own a Mauboussin ring that you don't wear? Have it appraised by our team of professionals and we will take care of putting it up for sale.