At the time of jewelry...

Louis-Ulysse Chopard was only twenty-four years old when he founded a watch factory in Sovillier, Switzerland. He provided work for local farmers who assembled the watches to supplement their meager incomes. The factory became one of the most important of the nineteenth century: reliable, ultra-thin, high-precision and for everyday use, its pocket watches perfectly met the expectations of its customers, including those of the "Swiss Railway Company" and Tsar Nicholas II. The company was so successful that in 1937 it moved to Geneva, a business hub. But the upheavals caused by the Second World War prevented it from regaining the prestigious position it had occupied. The family business was taken over by another family, the Scheufele, in the 1960s. Twenty years later, Karl restored the company's reputation and Caroline led the House of Chopard into the world of fine jewelry.

The Chopard signature

A perfect harmony of colors, stones and metals is attached to your face with virtuosity to give life to a true symphony of materials and lights. Pushing back the limits of its art, combining ancestral techniques and modern methods, Chopard draws its strength from everything it knows and gives free rein to creativity. 

Chopard earrings, for what occasion?

They accompany you every day, or shine for you in the great moments of your life; they delicately frame your face, or illuminate it wonderfully. Chopard earrings brighten your complexion, assert your personality, reveal your style. Worn alone or paired with an elegant ensemble, they set the tone for a chic look. Whether delicate or extravagant, the light emanating from them draws attention to you and gives you all the attention you deserve.

High jewelry collection

The House of Chopard puts passion and expertise into creating exceptional pieces of jewelry, lighting up your life with precious milestones. 

Light and delicate like lace, subtle and refined like the woman on whom they are placed, the earrings Precious lace earrings unfold their charming corolla as if they were placing a kiss.

Red carpet presents seventy-five creations for the seventy-fifth Cannes Film Festival. The seventh art inspires and takes you behind the scenes of a virtual world. This is the opportunity to explore, with two fishes hanging from your ears, the sea wave...

The animal theme, apprehended in an imaginary way, takes you into a magical and enchanted world. L'Animal World treats animals of all kinds from all latitudes with the utmost care. Let them cling to you...

Hanging from your ears, they follow the movements of your head. Free from the crimp, they do as they please. Magical setting allows beauty to unfold freely and women to feel free through these earrings that ignore material constraints.

Green carpetand luxury obeys ecological rules, and beauty respects the world from which it comes.

For youluxury enters your daily life and, in all simplicity, makes you splendid.

Jewelry collection

In line with the most prestigious models of high jewelry, iconic pieces are part of the prestige of the House of Chopard. 

The earrings Happy hearts play on contrasts by combining lightness and preciousness, mobility and timelessness. An icon that sets its diamonds free to express the free woman.

Happy diamonds for a happy woman, free to evolve according to her fiery and joyful temperament like the precious stones that dance in her ears.

Urban and square, contemporary and worked, modern and pure, Ice cube dares the geometrical constraint, the flat surface and the minimalist figure to let the flaming light refract.

Imperial like the woman, noble and majestic like her beauty. All in finesse, symbol of wealth, it pays homage to the female model who never ceases to inspire it.

At L'Heure du Diamantthe woman honors the talent of passionate, loving and brilliant artists who dress her face with creations as precious as she is.

Chopardissimo The Chopard spirit is on display in Chopardissimo.

The jeweler infuses an exceptional radiance to the precious earrings he creates for you. This positive energy is felt by both the creator who gives it and the woman who receives it. It circulates in a sparkle generated by pieces that shine only to illuminate you more. The grace it gives you places Chopard in the purest tradition of jewelry.