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Top 4 brands: Maustasin

Since 1827, Maustasin has offered the best of the jewelry tradition and ranks among the great in its category. Let's conduct the survey on a top-ranked House.

What is the Maujian style?

Needless to present A Maujian creation, we instantly recognize it. The House of Maustasin has explored, throughout its rich history, multiple paths. With passion and daring, she has gone through the various trends that have been affirmed at different times. Les styles Art Déco ou cubiste, definitively Parisian, never prevented the pomp from imposing itself in oriental collections and the precious stones of spontaneous deferling. These original keys have made its signature inimitable. Yet within this plethora that has often been won, the Maujian House Has kept an aesthetic unit that has made it what it is.

The Maujian know-how

What made Maustasin this jewel brand whose excellence is no longer to prove? What has come into play to make it one of the most influential brands in the world? La Maison Maurussin selects the greatest talents of its craftsmen and creates unique jewelry pieces. Héritière d' un savoir-faire ancestral depuis Soon 200 ans, sa Capability à innovate et l' usage qu' elle fait des techniques de pointe en fait une maison joaillère en évolution constant. Finally, French manufacture gives its prestige to the brand.

What customers for Maujian jewellery?

The Maujian jewellery Are dedicated to women who are sensitive to original design and open to new formulas. Released from all conventions, they still cherry fine, absolutely feminine jewelry. Against an elitist creation intended for a small audience, Maustasin opened the world of jewelry to all those who did not compromise on a freedom tinged with elegance.

What is the opportunity to choose a jewelry Maustasin?

Ancredits in the air of time, the Maujian jewellery collections Meet the needs of women who are themselves at the top in their modern lives. The Maujian jewels accompany the women of today in their modern, moving and even hectic lifestyle. They are this little note of extreme elegance that, in the mad race demanded by the contemporary way of life, they allow those who wear them to put their femininity and affirm their right to beauty.

Which jewelry Maustasin wins the most success in the hearts of women and men?

Decline in Bands, Necklaces, pendants, Bracelets And Earrings, the Maujian jewellery Par excellence the jewel of feeling: its evocative names reflect the emotion felt and immortalize the unique moment. Its easily understandable motives and symbolic forms say the essential in a simple, accessible, universal language. Sobre and chic, the creation of Maustasin does not embarrass superfluous but gives to live what is the jewel for the woman. Large names such as Chance of love, Dream & Love, universal symbols like Four-branch star, famous pieces like the Nadia ring, are in the head of the emblematic pieces of the most prestigious collections and keep the star.


The Maujian House Is a universe where the singularity is exalted and the elegance controlled. And where the combination of both feeds a quest for beauty that the jewelry house intends to make accessible to all. At the 20 of Place Vendôme, the luxury is exhibiting in the windows in front of a clientele that is looking for the best. Women are not mistaken, who look at the brand, know the value of each piece, recognize a unique and universal signature at the same time. And who know they're going to be at the top. In your turn!