Pomellato makes jewellery history

Born into a family of goldsmiths, Pino Rabolini inherited an ancestral know-how and founded the Pomellato jewelry store in 1967. An innate sense of aesthetics combined with a thirst for innovation led him to conceive the "ready-to-wear" jewel: every day, for every occasion, it becomes possible to adorn oneself with these precious pieces that were once inaccessible and reserved for an elite. Pomellato is also a pioneer in paying special attention to semi-precious stones, which had previously been little considered, and in helping them to become the "new gems". In the process, it introduced new and unusual colors into classical jewelry. These avant-garde designs have helped Pomellato to become the fifth largest jeweler in Europe and to open up the sector internationally. With a strong identity and great creativity, Pomellato excels thanks to its heritage and innovates at the same time.


The Pomellato know-how 

The perfect balance between tradition and innovation, rigor and daring, work and passion, is the thread that runs through all Pomellato creations. Often, meticulous work leads to innovative solutions, meticulous concentration to an unusual find. Maison Pomellato has become the symbol of jewelry that awakens stones and brings precious gold to life. As an alchemist, Pomellato captures the emotion of a jewel and places it on your finger. 

A Pomellato ring, for what occasion?

Like ready-to-wear clothing, this feminine jewel is easy to put on and makes you look great every day. Because you don't have to wait for a special occasion to assert your style, dare to look good, or feel beautiful... But that doesn't mean you can't have special occasions and take advantage of them to wear the most prestigious rings in the Pomellato collection!

Fine Jewelry Collection

Exceptional jewelry enter the Haute Joaillerie Pomellato collection and make it spectacular. Applaud her with both hands... loaded with rings.

Sensual and colorful, La Gioia is placed on your finger and brings a whole universe to your hand.

It is not alone this splendid solitaire Fantina DiamondIt is surrounded by a constellation of 475 white diamonds which, by contrast, underline its champagne color. Prepare the bubbles, you are dazzling!

The Lone Diamond solitaire imposes itself like a paving stone... on your finger and tolerates only the purest white to set it. But it does it for you.

The Jewelry Collection also invites itself into the big league.

Nudo and nothing else, to better reveal the beauty of the stones which is sufficient in itself. Like the woman who is unique. But she comes in many versions. Like the woman who is so rich. Nudo Classic, small, Maxi, Nudo with diamondsas if it wasn't chic enough! Nudo Milkyfor a translucent look or Nudo Frozenfor an icy finish. Or all at once.

Iconica and harmonious, since it manages to reconcile its generous and exuberant nature with its formal and refined rigor. And the elegance to express itself freely...

All in curves and sinuosities, Fantina has a strong character and a strong identity. Like you who wear it.

The curved link of Catene comes in direct contact with your skin. In response to the woman who is shedding all her chains, Pomellato reinvents the classic chain and tolerates only links of love (Also available in jewelry.)

Diamond discs from Sabbia oscillate as soon as your hand moves. Beauty passes through you, like sand "between the finger".

At Pomellato, there are even more ring designs than there are fingers on your hand... choose them all!

M'ama no M'amaand it's Byzantium... don't go looking for it in museums! Byzantine art comes to you and rests on your finger, conjugating the past to the present.

Argento returns to his old loves by revisiting a classic model to bring a touch of modernity. Back to the House founded in 1967.

Pomellato's signature pieces reveal the very essence of its creative spirit. Hypnotic colors, daring sizes, disconcerting shapes bring a new look to the material. Filled with emotion, bursting with light, charged with all the unimaginable beauty, it follows the movement of your hand in all simplicity, settling down as a matter of course. Let the Pomellato ring caress you.