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A ring, a bezel, two ornaments intertwined or arranged side by side: the toi et moi ring ring is distinguished by a silhouette that, like its name, reflects its originality. At Castafiore, this exceptional jewel is available in a variety of signed and unsigned pieces in the vintage, antique and second-hand jewelry categories. Find a toi et moi ring to match your love through our online catalog and treat yourself to a piece of jewelry with a charm as irresistible as it is timeless.

The toi et moi ring, a singularly symbolic piece of jewelry

Usually adorned with a duo of stones or pearls, the toi et moi ring is resolutely synonymous with finesse and preciousness.. Its most famous version is certainly the model offered by Napoleon Bonaparte to Joséphine de Beauharnais as an engagement ring, with a diamond and a blue sapphire whose proximity and identical pear-shaped cut embody the ideal of a united, inseparable couple.

More than a simple accessory, the toi et moi ring is a must-have piece of engagement jewelry, alongside the wedding ring and the solitaire. While the most traditional and emblematic pieces of the toi et moi ring style are most often accompanied by at least one diamond, whose purity is notably a symbol of fidelity, the most recent models brilliantly reveal the creativity and capacity for innovation of contemporary jewelry craftsmen. Emerald, amethyst, sapphire: beautifully colored (semi)precious stones are featured on many toi et moi rings, to the delight of fans of colorful jewelry.

Diversity is the order of the day with toi et moi ringThe open or closed band is available in gold, silver or even platinum. Our collection perfectly reflects the thousand and one facets of the toi et à moi ring, to be chosen according to your tastes, your desires and the uniqueness of your love story.

Giving a toi et moi ring: a powerful and meaningful gesture

What could be better than than a toi et moi ring to celebrate your union in love. ? Select the perfect jewel according to your personality and that of your partner, so that the two stones or pearls in the toi et moi ring of your choice represent your two individualities. Choose a jewel with two different-colored stones to emphasize your complementarity, or opt for a piece with twin diamonds to symbolize the balance of your relationship.

Through our online boutique, the toi et moi ring honors all eras and styles. Whether unsigned or signed by world-renowned houses such as Boucheron or Chanel, it embodies unique craftsmanship to meet your every need. In short, find the rare pearl among our modern toi et moi ring references or designed during the reign of Napoleon III, the heyday of Art Nouveau or the triumph of Art Deco.