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Chaumet earrings, an empire, a capital, a jewelry store

Napoleon still dominating the famous Vendôme column today seems to indicate that yesterday and today come together. A young apprentice, named Marie-Étienne Nitot, learns his trade from Marie-Antoinette's jeweler. Associated with him at the start, he quickly founded his own house in 1780. He executed spectacular orders: the tiara of Pope Pius VII, but also the sword used for the coronation of Napoleon, and consecrated him, official jeweler of the Imperial Court.

If the emperor intended to make Paris the capital of luxury, it was Empress Joséphine who ordered and inspired the most beautiful pieces in the collection. The jewelry house moved to 12, place Vendôme in 1812, when Nitot's son took over. Time passes, the empire collapses, the monarchy is restored, but the taste for splendor remains and the ambition to give Paris a preponderant place in the field of luxury continues. The jewelry takes the name of Chaumet that it owes to the director who sat from the end of the 19th century until the Belle Époque.

Joséphine, Chaumet earrings and you

The inspiration, the muse, the unique: the eternal Joséphine. If Napoleon helped launch Maison Chaumet, it was the empress who inspired her most famous models and imprinted her incomparable style. His imprint continues to impose itself, his exquisite taste still sets the tone. The woman of yesterday exudes the model that will sublimate the current woman that you are. Close, intimate, accomplice, she even gave her name to one of the house's most prestigious collections.

The signature of Chaumet earrings

The earrings you will wear passed through the hands of polishers, setters and jewelers. Each one having worked for you, virtuosoly putting their know-how at your service. Privileged motifs, characteristic of the Chaumet style, are constantly renewed, like the nature that inspires them. Triumphant, she shines on your face in feminine jewelry as sumptuous as she is. The latest trends in the city of Paris also land on the lobe of your ear: boyish look, geometric shapes, variegated colors, noble materials, exoticism... the artistic line echoes modernity, and boldly plays with codes and fashions.

Visionary, Maison Chaumet seeks the new. But, while respecting the good Parisian taste that characterizes it, by jealously perpetuating its style, recognizable among all. Because he loves the woman whom, since Joséphine, he has never ceased to sublimate. Because he loves you.

Chaumet earrings, for what occasion?

A bright and colorful palette of Chaumet earrings are available to embrace the multiple facets of women and serve her in all aspects of her life. Created to make your face sparkle, to beautify you every day, this feminine piece of jewelry also enhances your appearance and asserts your style. Worn alone or flirtatiously combined with other pieces that match it to signify your elegance, Chaumet earrings stick lovingly to your skin and never leave you.

The high jewelry collection of Chaumet earrings sits on your face. Unique pieces come to life in the workshop, at 12 Place Vendôme. For you who are unique.

A shimmering roller unfolds in an unparalleled shimmer that illuminates your face. Diamonds of various sizes give an increased impression of abundant and natural life. The Déferlante earrings exult in hanging from you.

Paris clings to your earlobe. Contemporary, urban, historic and modern at the same time, Twisted earrings, inspired by the movement of the frieze which adorns the Vendôme column, play with relief brilliantly.

Also discover our collection of iconic earrings.

Brilliant-cut diamonds, cultured pearls for the Joséphine earring (sold individually) which is none other than a twisted tiara: the favorite motifs of the Empress of yesterday are invited into today's collection today.

Geometric allure and sensuality of gold mingle with the Bee My Love earrings which play with symbols and shapes. A very contemporary feminine jewel which redesigns the hive and invites the bee, yesterday's imperial symbol, onto the face of today's woman to make her a queen.

Traditional and modern, royal and elegant, Chaumet earrings are inspired by women of yesterday for the woman of today. A unique piece, a feminine creation that highlights your face with elegance and audacity, crowns your head with grace and character, this jewel never ceases to fascinate. Wear it superbly and observe your own radiance.