Pomellato makes jewellery history

Born into a family of goldsmiths who mastered an ancestral know-how, Pino Rabolini founded the Pomellato jewelry store in 1967. Rich in his heritage and driven by a thirst for innovation, he created the concept of "ready-to-wear" jewelry, which women wear every day and for every occasion. The precious piece becomes accessible and is no longer reserved for the privileged few. This lover of minerals also pays particular attention to semi-precious stones that were previously totally neglected. These "new gems" enrich the palette of classic jewelers with new and unusual colors. Pomellato is a pioneer in this field and has naturally become one of the most prestigious jewelers in Italy and Europe, and throughout the world.


The Pomellato know-how

Contemporary and dazzling jewelry are born from the Italian jeweler Pomellato. Its boldness and passion, far from being tempered by a know-how of excellence, pushes the jewelry House to bring a particular care,

to each stone, to work meticulously on the fine gold, to always give the best. The material, precious to him even before passing through the hands of his craftsmen, comes out of its raw and authentic aspect to constitute a real jewel. Pomellato's signature earrings radiate the inner beauty of women's jewelry on your face, accompanying and enhancing you.


Pomellato earrings, for what occasion?

A bright and colorful palette of Pomellato earrings is available for your enchantment. A single gesture is enough to make your face sparkle and beautify you every day. This feminine jewel enhances your dress, asserts your style, and embraces the many facets of a woman to serve you in all aspects of your life. Worn alone or lovingly paired with other matching pieces to signify your elegance, Pomellato ear rings sit on you like a kiss.


High jewelry collection

Precious earrings are part of the composition of sublime sets. Let yourself be hypnotized...

Gioia looks to the past and shamelessly draws on its historical heritage... and becomes timeless.

Tanzanite earrings make you fascinating with its deep colors.

The constellation of stones " Little Princess " loses you in immense skies.

The iconic Catene prints a curved shape on its link so it's even closer to you. The classic chain revisited especially for the free woman. Also available in jewelry.

The Jewelry Collection produces the same enchantment...

Nudo on your face awakens the beauty of the stones with every wobble of your head and reveals your beauty at every moment.

Iconic and harmonious, as it brilliantly reconciles rigor and generosity, pure line and exuberant curve. Let the magic happen.

Fantina sits softly on your face, but does not hide your strong identity and assertive character.

Sabbia vibrates with you with its swinging diamond discs. Its sublime golds make you very sensual.

Other creations are born in the House of Pomellato ...

M'ama no M'ama, displays the wealth of Byzantium on your face and conjugates the past to the present.

Argento revitalizes his classics. Nothing could be more modern!

Today's woman rarely crosses the threshold of her door without taking a last look at her mirror to check if she has put on her favorite pair of earrings. This jewel is a woman's accomplice, she does nothing without it. Sometimes, earrings give in the discreet elegance; it is that they are satisfied to embellish you, you. Other times, they're all you can see with their unparalleled splendor, but they're just there to make you look good. Pomellato earrings, with their hypnotic colors or discreet designs, their bold sizes or graceful curves, their bewildering shapes or timeless lines, can do it all for you. Let them do it...