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Maison Pomellato Writing Jewelry History

Pino Rabolini was born into a family of goldsmiths with ancestral skills and was founded in 1967 Pomellato JewelryHe has a rich heritage and is driven by a passion for innovation, creating the concept of "ready-made clothing" jewelry that women can wear every day and in any occasion. Precious rooms have become accessible and are no longer reserved for a few privileged individuals. This mineral enthusiast also pays special attention to the semi precious stones that have been completely ignored so far. These "new gemstones" enrich the palette of classic jewelers with new and unusual colors.

Therefore, Pomerato House is a pioneer, naturally becoming one of the most prestigious companies in Italy, Europe, and the world.

Professional knowledge of Pomellato earrings

Contemporary and sparkling jewelry was born Italian Jewelry PomellatoHis courage and passion were far from being reconciled by outstanding professional knowledge, but rather prompted Maison Joaili è re to pay special attention,

For every stone, meticulous work is carried out on fine gold, always providing the best. This material is precious to the craftsman before it passes through their hands, standing out from its original and authentic appearance, forming a true gem. Pomellato signature makes all the inner beauty of women's jewelry shine on your face Accompanying Your Earrings And elevate you.

Pomellato earrings, suitable for what occasions?

Bright and colorful color palette Pomerato earrings Fading for your charm. A gesture is enough to make your face shine and make you beautiful every day. This jewelry is so feminine, it enhances your bathroom and affirms your style; He embraces every aspect of a woman and serves you in every aspect of your life. Wear it alone or pair it with other works to express your elegance, Pomerato earrings Lying on you like a kiss.

Pomellato Premium Jewelry Collection

The precious earrings constitute a noble decoration. Let yourself be hypnotized

Gioia Looking back at the past, shamelessly excavating its historical heritage... and becoming eternal.

earring Tanzanite Its dark color captivates you.

The Stone Constellation Little Princess You are lost in the vast sky.

Iconic Catene Print curved shapes on their links to bring them closer to you. A classic channel designed specifically for free women. It also appears in jewelry.

of Jewelry Collection Produce the same charm...

Nudo On your face, every swing of your head awakens the beauty of the stone, and every moment showcases your beauty.

Iconica Harmony, because it cleverly blends rigor and generosity, clean lines, and rich curves. Let magic work.

Fantina Gently lie on your face, but do not hide your strong identity and confident personality.

Sabia The diamond disc that swings with it vibrates with you. Its noble golden color makes you very sexy.

Other creations appear in Maison Pomellato

I'm not meShow the richness of Byzantium on your face, combining the past with the present.

argento Revitalize its classics. There's nothing more modern than this!

Today's woman rarely crosses the threshold of her door without taking a last look at her mirror to see if she has put her pair of favorite earrings. This jewel is the accomplice of the woman, she does nothing without him. Sometimes the earrings give in discreet elegance; it is that they only embellish you. Other times, we see only them with their unequalled splendour; but they are only there to sublime you.

The Earrings Pomellato, with their hypnotic colors or their discreet plots, their bold sizes or graceful curves, their disconcerting shapes or their timeless lines, can all for you. Let them do ...