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Chaumet Jewelry: An empire, a capital, a jewelry store

At the end of the 18th century, a young apprentice, Marie-Étienne Nitot, learned her trade from Marie-Antoinette's jeweler. He quickly became his closest collaborator, but soon founded his own house. Spectacular orders were sent to him: in addition to the tiara of Pope Pius VII, he created the sword used for Napoleon's coronation, thereby becoming the official jeweler of the Imperial Court. The Emperor intends to make Paris the center of fashion. But it is Joséphine, whose official supplier he is, who inspires his most beautiful pieces.

The jewelry house settled in the heart of the legendary Place Vendôme in 1812, when Nitot's son took over. Empires fall but the taste for splendor remains and Paris, under the restored monarchy, definitively establishes itself as the capital of luxury. It is under the aegis of Joseph Chaumet, director of the House from the end of the 19th century until the Belle Époque, that the House was baptized with the illustrious name that we know today, Chaumet. The tiara that the jeweler is particularly fond of makes Maison famous.

The signature of Chaumet necklaces

Privileged themes characterize the Chaumet style, various sources of inspiration constantly renew it. Exalted, enchanted, triumphant, nature unfolds around your neck in necklaces as sumptuous as she is. But the Chaumet necklace is also inspired by trends and currents that influence the city of Paris. Bold and futuristic, the artistic line opens up with each new era and takes on a boyish look, introduces geometric shapes, mixes colors and materials, gives in to exoticism... Echoing modernity, Maison Chaumet is always looking for new things. However, she never forgets the good Parisian taste which characterizes her and jealously perpetuates her recognizable style among all, because it places itself at the service of the woman whom, since Joséphine, he has never ceased to sublimate.

Women at Chaumet

The first, the inspiration, the muse: the immense Joséphine... If Napoleon, from the top of the Vendôme column, seems to watch over the House that he helped to launch, it is the empress who, always , sets the tone. It is she who creates the model that will sublimate the current woman that you are. Close, intimate, familiar, she even gave her name to one of the house's most prestigious collections.

A Chaumet necklace, for what occasion?

A joyful palette of Chaumet necklaces and pendants is available to express all the nuances of emotion. From the flexible, light, free bond, synonymous with passion, to the true talisman, a powerful symbol of union between two people, this necklace embraces you voluptuously. Jewel of sentiment par excellence, it celebrates love, it symbolizes union. Created to accompany you in your daily life or to mark the great moments of your life, the Chaumet necklace is suitable for all occasions.

The high jewelry collection of Chaumet necklaces

Real gems, created by hand and made to measure, come to life in the workshop at 12 Place Vendôme. Surprised in its momentum, moving nature unfolds in a wave of diamonds and illuminate your neckline with the Déferlante necklace. This time it’s the city that’s in the spotlight with the Torsades necklace. Inspired by the movement of the frieze that adorns the Vendôme column, this interlacing of diamonds dynamically revisits for you the historic jewel of the Maharajah of Indore.

Also discover our collections of iconic Chaumet necklaces

As its name suggests, the Links necklace celebrates union. Its graphic pattern reflects these bonds woven between beings, its lively and luminous stones underline their freshness and beauty. She loved the pear-shaped diamond because it looked like a drop of water; she gracefully wore tiaras and aigrettes. Joséphine seems to still be there through the signature collection which pays homage to her. The Joséphine collection reinvents the emblematic V shape of the egret dear to the empress, thus combining past and present.

Nature dear to Chaumet is reinterpreted in a symbolic garden with Bee my love. The honeycomb of the beehive, with its perfect geometry, is available in a pendant that projects precious radiance onto your skin. The bee, imperial symbol, gives you a royal appearance.

Maison Chaumet, famous for its good Parisian taste and its exceptional know-how which has been passed down for more than 240 years, has spanned the ages, to offer you jewelry creations that give you grace and elegance. This quintessential feminine necklace is dedicated to you, it makes you a queen.