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History of Maison Pomellato

Heir to ancestral know-how since he was born into a family of goldsmiths, Pino Rabolini founded the Pomellato jewelry company in 1967. The House quickly distinguished itself by its innovative design of “ready-to-wear” jewelry: every day, on any occasion, it becomes possible to wear these precious pieces that were once inaccessible and reserved for an elite. The Maison is also a pioneer when it pays particular attention to semi-precious stones, hitherto little considered, and gives them the status of “new precious stones”. New colors then appear in classic jewelry. Coming from an ancestral lineage, La Maison Pomellato is constantly revolutionizing the world of jewelry. This is what imposed it on the Italian market, elevated it to the rank of fifth jeweler in Europe, and opened up the sector to the international level. Character and creativity, strong identity and avant-garde spirit, these are what characterize this House which excels through its heritage, and innovates because it is always on the lookout for the latest trends.

The know-how of Pomellato necklaces

Pomellato combines excellent craftsmanship with a boldness that borders on rebellion. Each necklace, resulting from a demanding tradition, is the result of meticulous, expert, rigorous work. Ancient techniques can be used to set stones, such as microfusion, or lost wax casting. From this heritage are born jewelry and iconic necklaces that are part of a timeless art. But the codes are perfectly mastered only to be turned upside down all the better. Creativity overflows, colors burst, shapes and volumes come out of the framework in which they are usually held. Unique, full of life, even rebellious, each signature piece brings its singularity, plays on originality, gives the Italian touch in a word.

Pomellato fine jewelry collection

Sublime Pomellato necklaces form a spectacular collection that invites unique gemstones in the world. Dive into the treasure chest.

La Gioia breathes new life into historical pieces, combining the past with the future.

The Tanzanite choker necklace takes you to the seas of ice with its deep colors.

The Diamond Tie Chain pendant can be paved with white diamonds, set in white gold, for a resplendent result. Personalize this jewel by choosing the length of the clasp, and your sparkle is unique.

A constellation of diamonds surrounds a dazzling tourmaline or a spectacular moonstone with the “Little Princess” Chains and loses you in immense skies.

A new love story for “Re-Loved Chains” from vintage jewelry that hasn’t said its last word.

The Diamond Rivière choker necklace is meant to be simple but it captivates by refracting the light of its stones on your skin.

The iconic Catene Chain appeared for the first time in 1971 and is distinguished by its curved link directly in contact with the skin, as close as possible to you. Also present in jewelry.

Splendid jewels particularly enhance color…

Cascade Nudo with its chandelier links, Nudo bib in the colors of creation, Pavé Sabbia which joyfully explodes with its thousand lights. Like a giant bracelet, Assoluta frees the link of the classic chain, while Iconica bavarole gives it a new dimension. Sabbia de Tahiti takes the Y shape to capsize hearts by pointing to yours.

The Pomellato Jewelry Collection also joins the big leagues

The Nudo necklace can be worn three ways : classic long necklace, lasso with pendant or double wrap necklace, but it only reveals the unique beauty of the precious stone.

The union of opposites becomes possible with Iconica which combines sensuality and rigor, exuberance of curves and clean lines. The gold chain, with its clasp which allows the necklace to be worn as a lariat with the largest link, as a pendant, or as a long necklace allows elegance to flow freely.

Sabbia stands out with its diamond-covered sand that catches the light and caresses your skin. Surprising harmony of the necklace which combines four different dimensions of mesh... The secret? nature at the service of women…

Fantina insinuates herself and progresses like a galloping horse like a woman, sensual and fiery.

Traditionalist and non-conformist at the same time, expert and adventurous, Maison Pomellato has continued to assert its identity over the years. Inspired by the woman of today, determined, voluntary and dynamic, natural, sensual, and free, Maison Pomellato knew how to put necklaces around its neck and the chains that make her feel freer. And always more beautiful.