Pomellato makes jewellery history

Pino Rabolini inherited an ancestral know-how from a family of goldsmiths and founded the Pomellato jewelry store in 1967. His taste for exceptional pieces combined with a thirst for new trends led him to create a new concept: "ready-to-wear" jewelry. Women can now wear a precious jewel every day, for any occasion. In a new vision of luxury, the prestigious jewelry are no longer reserved for an elite and become accessible to all. Pomellato also decided to give semi-precious stones the attention they deserve. These "new gems" helped to introduce new and unusual colors into classic jewelry. Pomellato is a pioneer in revolutionizing a world that it is passionate about but that it intends to reinvent at every moment. This breath of modernity imposed itself on the Italian market, then in Europe, and finally in the international field. Above all, it wraps around your wrist the bracelet that reinterprets your femininity at every moment.

A Pomellato bracelet, for what occasion?

Born from the inspiration of a designer, the Pomellato bracelet comes, in a breath, to rest on your wrist. It is a bracelet that makes you forget who designed it, and makes you feel good about yourself. It can now shine for you every day, or in the big moments of your life. Because at every moment you deserve to be beautiful. Worn alone like a jewel, or associated with an elegant set, this feminine jewel serves you in all aspects of your life, because it was created only for you.

The Pomellato know-how

Free from all preconceived ideas, Pomellato puts its ancestral knowledge at the service of innovation. The company, which has brought a new breath of fresh air to the world of jewelry, can only breathe this wind of freedom into each of its creations. With her excellent know-how and her thirst for innovation, she gives life to unique jewelry . But it is by following her unerring instinct, by listening to the woman she passionately loves, that she captures the emotion of a stone, the shimmer of precious gold.

Haute Joaillerie Collection

Sublime bracelets are part of spectacular sets or dare to go it alone, proud of their unique beauty. Follow their glittering movement on your wrist. Join La Gioia as it looks back to rewrite the future. When historical pieces inspire modernity...

Jewelry collection


Nudo on the wrist and nothing else, to awaken the beauty of the stones with each movement of the hand, to reveal your beauty at every moment. Several versions exist, for every woman: Nudo Classic, small, Maxi, Nudo with diamonds, Nudo Milky, for a translucent finish, or Nudo Gelé, for an icy finish. Or all at once.

Iconica and the world is harmony. A possible reconciliation between your generous and exuberant nature and your thirst for straightforwardness and rigor can be found in the pure lines of this collection that lets your elegance flow.

The Fantina bracelet wraps lovingly around your wrist, but its sinuous curves do not hide your strong identity and assertive character.

Catene 's curved link comes as close to you as possible, right to your skin. The iconic jewelry piece that sought to liberate women from their chains reinvents the classic chain. (Also available in fine jewelry.)

Sabbia vibrates with all its gold with its diamond discs that oscillate as soon as your hand moves. Beauty passes through you, like sand "between the finger".

Other creations are born in the House Pomatello ...

M'ama no M'ama, walks you through the Byzantium of yesterday and settles on your wrist, conjugating the past to the present.

Argento revisits a classic and revives it. Back to the House founded in 1967 to give it a modern touch.

Active, dynamic and modern, but also sensual, elegant and feminine, today's woman is anchored in her reality and at the same time magnifies it with her presence. The Pomellato bracelet is the ideal piece that embraces the woman's movement while sublimating it. The hypnotic colors, bold volumes, and disconcerting lines of the Pomellato design successfully respond to her multiple facets. Like her, it is in motion; and on her, it rests delicately: because the Pomellato bracelet has the ability to stop time sometimes, in which it successfully unfolds.