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Maison Pomellato Writing Jewelry History with Bracelets

Pino Rabolini inherited the ancestral skills of a goldsmith family and founded the jeweler Pomellato in 1967. His taste for outstanding works, coupled with his desire to constantly follow new trends, led him to propose a new concept: "ready-made clothing" jewelry. Women can now wear precious jewelry on any occasion every day. In the new vision of luxury goods, famous jewelry is no longer only reserved for the elite, but is provided for everyone. Pomellato also decided to give semi precious stones the attention they deserve.

Therefore, these 'new gemstones' help introduce new and unusual colors into classic jewelry. Maison Pomellato is a pioneer who has completely changed the world he loves, but he intends to reimagine it every moment. This modern atmosphere imposes it on the Italian market, then on Europe, and finally on the international market. Most importantly, it wraps around your wrist. Pomerato Bracelet Every moment is reinterpreting your femininity.

What occasion is the Pomerato bracelet suitable for?

Born from the inspiration of the creator, Pomerato Bracelet Come on, take a breath and sit on your wrist. It spreads and makes people forget who drew it to elevate you, you. It can now shine for you every day or at important moments in your life. Because every moment you should be beautiful. As a gemstone worn alone or paired with elegant decorations, this women's jewelry serves you in every aspect of your life because it is specifically designed for you.

Professional knowledge of Pomellato bracelets

Free from all accepted ideas, Maison Pomellato incorporated the knowledge of his ancestors Serve innovation. The person who brings a new atmosphere to the jewelry world can only infuse this freedom into every piece of her work. With its outstanding craftsmanship and thirst for novelty, she brings unique jewelry into her life. But it was by following her infallible instincts and listening to the woman she passionately loved that she captured the emotions of a stone and the sparkle of precious gold.

Pomellato Premium Jewelry Collection

A noble bracelet Enter magnificent decorative works or dare to solo, proud of their unique beauty. Follow their flashing movements on your wrist. Accompany Gioia to review the future. When historical works inspire modernity

Pomellato Bracelet Jewelry Collection

The Nudo on the wrist, rather than anything else, awakens the beauty of the stone in every movement of the hand, showcasing your beauty in every moment. Each woman has a different version: Nudo Classic, Petit, Maxi, Nudo with Diamonds, Nudo Milky for translucent rendering, or Nudo Gel é for smooth finishes. Or all at once.

Iconica and the world are in harmony. The possible reconciliation between your generous and rich nature and your desire for integrity and rigor is reflected in the clean lines of this series, allowing your elegance to flow.

Fantina bracelet rolled up Amidly surrounding your wrist, its winding curves do not hide your strong identity and confident personality.

Catene's curved links are closer to you, even on the skin. This iconic jewelry attempts to liberate women from chains and reshape classic chains. (Also appearing in high-end jewelry.)

Sabbia vibrates with all its golden vibrations, and the diamond disc oscillates as your hand moves. Beauty passes through you like sand between your fingers.

Other creations appear in Maison Pomatello

Me non M' ama, you promote in the Byzantium of yesterday and behold on your wrist, combining the past with the present.

Argento revisits a classic and revifies it. Return to the House founded in 1967 to bring it a small touch of modernity.

Active, dynamic and modern, but also sensual, elegant and feminine, today's woman is rooted in her reality and magnifies her at the same time by her presence. The bracelet Pomellato is this ideal piece Who marries the women's movement while sublimating it. The hypnotic colors, the bold volumes, the disconcerting lines of the design Pomellato respond successfully to its many facets. Like it, it is in the movement; and on it, it arises delicately: because the bracelet Pomellato has the ability of the woman to stop sometimes the time in which she deploys successfully.