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At Castafiore, we love the vintage ring for its rarity and for the testimony it offers to the fashion and craftsmanship of a bygone era. With its resolutely contemporary elegance and beauty, it enhances our fingers and hands in all everyday situations.

Discover our sumptuous collection of vintage rings, made up of new and second-hand jewels, with or without signature, to be worn as genuine fashion accessories for a truly unique and incomparable style. Synonymous with authenticity, a vintage ring will bring out the multiple facets of your personality.

The vintage ring, a jewel of past decades with timeless charm

By definition vintage rings are signed or unsigned pieces of jewelrymanufactured between 1950 and 1980. In a way, they are the descendants of antique rings, which are creations dating back 100 years or more. At Castafiore, any ring designed more than 20 years ago actually meets the criteria of our vintage ring collection.

A veritable cocktail of influences and styles, the design of vintage rings can't be summed up in any particular way. On the contrary, it demonstrates the innovative capacity and creative spirit of the master jewelers of a given era. In comparison with the antique ring, however, it could be said that the vintage ring is significantly more colorful, voluminous and even daring. Indeed, jewels from the 1960s to the 2000s often come in XXL sizes and tend to be adorned with a thousand and one naturally coloured (semi-)precious stones.

In short, the vintage ring is a jewel with character. It can be worn with pride and combined with both older and more recent models.

Thanks to Castafiore, it's never been easier to match a 1980s ring with an Art Deco style ring. The only limit is your imagination, with beautiful vintage jewelry !

Why buy vintage rings?

Vintage, second-hand, second-hand rings These terms are on everyone's lips, reflecting a major social phenomenon born of a global awareness of the repercussions of overproduction on our environment. In this context, vintage and second-hand are inviting us to try out alternative, more responsible modes of consumption in order to bring about a significant and lasting change in our contemporary societies.

In our opinion, vintage rings already exist and deserve to be seen and worn, just like the most modern creations. That's why our catalog of fine jewelry consists exclusively of antique, vintage and second-hand pieces. Antique and vintage rings symbolize the sensibility, creativity and expertise of master jewelers, some of them with ancestral know-how.

As for second-hand rings, they are the privileged witnesses of singular moments in life, as well as the vectors of varied emotions. With a vintage and second-hand ring on your finger, it's easy to feel a sense of belonging to a history that goes beyond ourselves.

Invest in a vintage ringor even a second-hand ring rather than a brand-new, contemporary ring is a way of consuming better, that is, more ethically and responsibly. This is precisely one of Castafiore's ambitions: to prove that all beautiful jewels can be offered, kept, passed on, worn, repaired and transformed, no matter how old they are. For us, every jewel has value as long as it appeals to one or more women.

We also aim to desacralize the everyday wearing of jewelry. Let's no longer wait for special occasions to take our most flamboyant vintage rings out of their cases: instead, let's have fun creating singular and creative associations and bringing color into our lives!

Find a magnificent vintage ring in our vast selection of vintage jewelry

Each one more beautiful than the next, the from our collection of vintage rings have been carefully and rigorously authenticated by our jewelry experts. To reach this eliminatory stage, they first seduced us by their strong aesthetic potential, betrayed by the quality of their manufacturing materials. The many vintage rings in our selection are adorned with 18-carat gold, white diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. Guaranteeing both beauty and sturdiness, these noble, high-quality materials also lend their letters of nobility to unsigned vintage rings.

With Castafiore, unsigned vintage rings stand alongside creations from previous decades signed Boucheron, Bulgari, Cartier, Chanel, Chaumet, Dinh Van, Dior, Pomellato and more. Convinced that true treasures of jewellery-making savoir-faire are hidden among the unsigned pieces, we are also keen to showcase vintage rings that, on your fingers, will shine with the same brilliance as rings from the greatest haute joaillerie houses.

Solitaires to signet ringsthrough to pavé ringswedding rings and cocktail ringsA wide variety of ring models fill our catalog of vintage rings, to the delight of women looking for a specific piece of vintage jewelry.

Buy and sell vintage rings at Castafiore. Supporting the circular economy means not only investing in pieces from past lives, but also knowing how to part with vintage jewelry that we don't or no longer give the attention it deserves. Fortunately, we're here to bring to light the wonders of the past that are yours and that, with a snap of the fingers, could become those of a new owner eager to live a long and beautiful love story by their side.

Together, let's make second-hand our first choice and do justice to the quality and value of our products. the beauty of vintage rings and antique rings. Choose a truly original ring from our collection of vintage rings, to wear yourself or to give to a woman you know who will appreciate it.

In doubt about the size of your future ring? Consult our ring size guide for more information.