The splendid past sublimates you in the present with the Lalaounis earrings

The Lalaounis Signature

Each creation is worthy of a museum piece as it reconnects with a glorious past. But far from copying the ancient style, Lalaounis summons its splendor and infuses modernity with an ancient soul. When you wear Lalaounis earrings, you bring the past to life.

What know-how does Lalaounis have?

The Athenian company is characterized by its expertise in the world of ancient jewelry. By reviving forgotten techniques and updating them, Lalaounis brings the prestige of the past into the contemporary world; by revisiting it, she links it to modernity. Golden threads link the woman of yesterday to her of today.

Lalaounis earrings, for what occasion?

Whether the ancient soul is thirsting to be awakened, or the contemporary woman wishes to rely on the splendors of the past to shine, every moment, any event, is an opportunity to wear Lalaounis earrings: don't wait for the magic moment: make it magic! Because greatness is worn with the greatest simplicity,

Lalaounis makes special archaeological digs and dives into the Neolithic period or is inspired by classical, Hellenistic and Minoan-Mycenaean arts. Using antiquity to play with anachronisms, Lalaounis signs an emblematic or patrimonial Haute Joaillerie collection and releases limited series.

The eras telescope and treasures resurface: Minoan ball earrings, Hellenistic lion head, Hellenistic pendants, Neolithic grapes, Neolithic horns, Neolithic shells, Helen of Troy pendants. Ancient pieces and current creations meet in jewelry feminine which prove that beauty is eternal.


In a completely different register, the water lily pendants or the Biosymbol pendants display their treasures of precious metals and inventiveness. It is the woman's body that is draped in fine gold, redefining a beauty that finds its inspiration in nature or biosymbols.

This highly recognizable aesthetic that marks the harmony of shapes and precious gold, that celebrates cultures and eras and reveals the vitality of the past, illuminates you with its shimmering reflections thanks to the Joaillerie collection.

Aurelia dives into its roots and goes back between the third and seventh centuries to emphasize your beauty with the pure and luminous lines of a supple and sumptuous lattice studded with diamonds.

Since the Byzantine era, appearing on an exquisite mosaic, the powerful empress Theodora offers you her diamonds and gems by landing on your delicate profile.

Airy, elegant and rich with its golden texture, Nubie leaves the frozen decorations of the Nubian vases of the fifth millennium BC to accompany each beat of your eyelashes, each movement of your head.

The House of Lalaounis travels through time to give a timeless beauty to your earrings. Rich in ancient splendors, Lalaounis jewelry is more contemporary than ever. Because its vision of goldsmithing is not satisfied with borrowing from the past, but that the latter inspires it and breathes new life into it, mixing millennial expertise and modern aesthetics.