The greatness of the past makes the present great at Lalaounis

In the top of the luxury jewelry brands, Lalaounis is among the most prestigious. It owes this fame to a particularity that distinguishes it from all others: world famous for its luxurious gold jewelry inspired by antiquity, Lalaounis revives a glorious past by illuminating it with a daring modernity. Greece has not finished shining on the whole world thanks to Lalaounis.

The Lalaounis Style

In line with the personality of a creator passionate about antiques and in love with his heritage, the signature Lalaounis is a jewel full of history and contemporary in its design. Born in Athens, Ilias Lalaounis draws from his heritage and listens to the ancient vestiges telling him the art of his ancestors. He then decided to revive a long tradition of goldsmithing by drawing on ancestral techniques and giving new life to museum artifacts. Through modern creations inspired by the old, he brings out a spiritual link with the past that has never been altered. These modern jewelry imbued with antiquity play with anachronism and transcend the ages because beauty is timeless.

The shine of the gold that never tarnishes

Lalaounis dazzles us because its golds are dazzling. And that only they have the right to shine. Neglecting everything that is not gold, he devotes himself exclusively to the precious metal that he hammers, turns, braids... because it is the purest material, the most authentic, the most "human" according to him. Hence the reputation of the House, which is known for giving life to the material. The alchemy here is to take it out of the museums in which it was frozen. With Lalaounisgold is melted like the times; the temporal spaces telescope thanks to its flexibility, its malleability and also to its timelessness.

What is Lalaounis' know-how?

A work of art that seems to come out of ancient Greece comes to life at your touch: such is the jewel Lalaounis. Ignoring time, the treasures come to illuminate your face, slip on your finger, wrap around your wrist or your neck. Superbly crafted, these glorious pieces are entirely handmade. They are distinguished by the richness of their details, the precision required for their execution, and require a long and complex process.

The precious metal is hammered to give you an exquisite finish: this is the Hand hammering which plays with the plasticity of gold.

Tiny gold beads are fused to the surface of a jewel: the Granulation offers you a unique and ornamental piece.

The Weaving brings together for you the most beautiful curls for an indestructible chain.

A relief drawing appears thanks to the technique of Repoussé which hammers the back of the metal to delight you.

In Filigreedecorate yourself with gold threads in delicate patterns.

Cover yourself in openwork lace with Opus interrasile.

A golden destination with Lalaounis

Find your treasure...or go back to the time of your choice, you will always be on top with Lalaounis.

The lattice becomes romantic when it is strewn with diamonds with Aurelia.

Travel to the Byzantine era and wear the portrait of the empress Theodora.

Nubia brings you back to the North-East of Africa, five millennia before our era.

Pay tribute to Helen of Troy with splendor and brio.

Find your protective amulet with the Knot of Hercules.


Lalaounis restores the ancient soul and dresses it with modernity. Because it has been able to find a treasure that others have lost, probing the past to bring it back to life, the House has something that others do not: it does not look for treasures; it resurrects them.